How to Start a Writing Group

This website is about how to start a writing group and how to run it successfully.


What to name your writing group.
Finding a location for your critique group to meet.
How to advertise your writers support group.
Materials needed for your meetings.
Creating a simple, effective webpage for your creative writing club.
The rules for critiquing people’s writing.
How to do writing group exercies.
Giving writing group presentations.
Finding guest speakers.


How to run a writing group


One very good method for leaning to write well is to join a writing critique group. Even if you never submit your own writing for critique, you can learn a lot from the critiques offered to others.

Poor writing falls into just a handful of mistakes, which are repeated over and over by amateur writers. Listening to the critiques of others or submitting your own writing for critique will allow you to learn how to improve your writing.

But if after searching your local area you find there isn’t a quality writing group to join, why not start a writing group of your own?

My wife and I inherited a fiction writing group after the previous leaders started an editing business and no longer had time to run the critique group. We’ve now been running the group for three years.

If you’d like to become a published author, probably the most important thing you can do besides actually writing a book is to join a writing group. By associating with others who can help you see your own mistakes and help you learn to correct them, you’ll eventually be writing on a professional level producing quality books that publishers will want to publish.

So let’s get started, use the menu links above to learn how to run a writing group.

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