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Best Places to Find Gold.

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Where to Find Free GoldSo here’s the basic premise of what we’re doing on this website. We want to acquire gold and silver and we want to get it for free (or nearly free).

My personal goal is to find and collect one ounce of gold and ten ounces of silver each year without having to pay for them, (or paying very very little for them). And I’m not talking about merely ending the year with a pile of grandma’s old silverware. I’m talking about having gold and silver bullion coins that were acquired with little or none of my own money.

Here’s the plan: Let’s find as much urban gold and silver as we can using three methods: a metal detector, shopping at garage sales and searching in thrift stores. We’re going to convert all the gold jewelry we collect into US gold bullion coins and convert all the silver antiques and silver jewelry we find into silver bullion coins.

However, the fun and excitement begins when we discover all the creative means with which to make this happen. For example, discovering a gold mine doesn’t always include finding a heavy yellow metal. Sometimes we can find ways to turn one dollar into ten and then ten dollars into twenty and then those twenty dollars into a quarter ounce of 14 karat gold.

So follow along and let’s discover the best places to find gold and let’s see how much gold and silver we can get for free.

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Photo credit: flickr Creativ Commons, U.S. gold five dollar 1987 by Kevin Dooley

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