Writing Club Presentation Ideas

Creative writing presentations

A year’s worth of writing group presentations

1. Plot
2. Story arc
3. Character development
4. Dialogue
5. Point of view
6. Passive voice vs. active voice
7. Show vs. tell
8. Conflict
9. Adverb usage
10. Tone, Mood & Style
11. Setting
12. Tension

All of these components are absolutely necessary to writing quality fiction. As such, each of the items on the list above are an excellent topic for a writing club presentation. There are perhaps thousands of books, websites, blogs, and magazine articles that have been written about them.

Each one by itself can become an entire presentation. And each one has so much that can be said about it that a writing group leader could give many presentations on each of the items listed above.

I’ve listed twelve. Perhaps you can think of more, but if you’re writing club meets once a month, you’ve got in the list above a whole year’s worth of presentation topics. At the start of the following year, you could simply start through the list again, giving entirely new presentations on each topic.

This, of course, is merely a suggestion, and it’s not necessary to follow this exactly. The point is that each item on the list above is critical to quality fiction writing, and every fiction author has to learn how to master each of them. Members of your writing group would appreciate and get a lot out of a quality in-depth presentation on how to use each of these items well.