Why Does God Not Answer Prayer

Why does God not answer prayerYou’ve prayed for something and had faith that God would answer your prayer. You waited, and waited, and waited. Nothing.

Why does god not answer prayer? Actually God does answers every prayer. He answers with either a “Yes”, “No”, or “Not yet”.

To be more precise, God answers the prayers of those who believe in Him.
We know that God does not listen to sinners. He listens to the godly man who does his will. (John 9:31)

Assuming you’re a follower of Christ, if you’ve been praying for something and you’re prayer remains unanswered it means that either God, in His infinite wisdom, knows it’s not what you need, or that it’s not yet the right time for it.

God is more concerned for our spiritual well being and growth than for our worldly well being. This isn’t suggesting that He’s indifferent to our material needs; rather it is to suggest that God sees in us the greater needs, which may frequently be spiritual in nature.

For example, a woman might be praying to find a husband because she’s lonely, but God may perhaps chose to delay that request until she’s grown spiritually enough to be the spiritual helper that her future husband needs.

(Incidentally, I prayed diligently for a wife, and received one ten years later.)

When you pray, present your requests and your plans to the Lord, then get up off your knees and begin moving in the direction you think is best to accomplish your task. As you progress, continue to pray, while trying to discern the direction the Lord is giving you. For example, the answer to your prayer might be “Yes” but not in the place you are now. Perhaps you try and try and nothing happens. Look around and see if you might do better somewhere else. You might find God suddenly opens doors for you in a new location.

God answers our prayers, with either “Yes”, “No”, or “Not yet”. Trust in Him and keep praying throughout every step of your journey.

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. (Romans 8:28)

(Photo Credit: flickr creative commons, Adrian Valenzuela)

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