Where in the Bible Does it Talk About Love

Where in the Bible Does it Talk About LoveWhere in the Bible does it talk about love? The whole thing. The entire Bible is one single love story about how God loves you. Think about it,

Genesis – God created man and woman so that He (God) could have a relationship with them. They were created to live forever and never die, but then man sinned and death came upon them and the world.

The entire rest of the old testament is God paving the way for Him (God) to come down and rescue men and women from their sins so that they can once again live forever with God in a relationship with Him.

Then in the New Testament – Jesus Christ (God) appears on the Earth and conquers death through his crucifixion and resurrection from the grave. Then he spends the next 40 days telling people that He’s about to pour out the Holy Spirit on all of those who believe in Him and call upon His name.

The next several books of the New Testament are all about the ways in which we actually have and experience this love relationship with God.

The last book of the Bible talks about how Jesus (God) is going to restore the Earth to its original design in which there is no further sin or death and we get to live forever with God in this loving relationship.

Where in the Bible does it talk about love? The entire Bible, from cover to cover is one giant love story.

Photo credit: flickr Creative Commons, John 3:16 Plaque by George Bannister

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