What Does It Mean To Seek the Kingdom Of God

what does it mean to seek the kingdom of GodWhat does it mean to seek the kingdom of God?

Here’s a free book by A.W. Tozer called The Pursuit of God.

First of all, what is the kingdom of God? It’s heaven. People who want to go to heaven, seeks it. But, as the Bible describes, in order to get to heaven we must seek God. So when the Bible says, seek first the kingdom of heaven, it means seek after God.

Anyone who knows how to read, can choose to read a Bible. An Atheist can read a Bible. An agnostic can read a Bible. Even a pagan can read a Bible. In like manner, anyone can attend a church service, but it doesn’t mean they’re there seeking the kingdom of God.

Here’s an example to clarify my point: Just because a person walks into a pet store doesn’t mean they intend to purchase a puppy.

Going to church and reading the Bible are an important part of being a Christian, but the process of performing those activities doesn’t necessarily mean you are seeking God. What, then, does it mean to seek the kingdom of God?

Think about the time you first met, and started dating, your spouse. If you’re like most people he or she was all you could think about and you could hardly wait to see them again.

Think also about a time when you discovered a new interest or hobby. For example, when I first moved to a town near the beach I decided I wanted to start fishing. I went to the store with eagerness to purchase my fishing license. When I bought my surf fishing rod I was hugely excited. And when I caught my first fish I was practically jumping up and down.

So here’s the basic question: Are you excited about knowing Jesus? If the answer is “no”, or the answer is, “you’ve never thought about it that way before” than you have not been seeking the kingdom of God.

But if you want to start knowing Jesus and you want to become excited about knowing him, then the place to start is prayer. The next step after that would be to ask Jesus to show you a good church to attend. (How to find a church). And the step after that would be to begin reading the New Testament. And also of great importance is to begin forming friendships with people at church who are wiser and more spiritually mature than you are.

Seeking the kingdom of God is having a desire and determination to know Jesus Christ.

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