How to Become More Spiritual

In deep PrayerHave you ever wondered how to become more spiritual? To do so we have to have a relationship with Jesus Christ, which can often be perplexing to new Christians because there’s a very thin line between having a relationship with God and simply going through the motions.

Becoming more spiritual always starts with prayer. But reciting a prayer for the sake of reciting prayer does nothing toward having a relationship with God. You first have to believe He’s real and that he hears you. Then you pray to God with sincerity rather than praying at God as though reading a script.

Becoming more spiritual also includes reading daily from the Bible (normally beginning with the New Testament). But again, there’s a thin line between going through the motions vs. doing so out of an internal desire to know the Lord. It’s that internal desire to know God that He will respond to.

Becoming more spiritual also means going to church. And here’s the tricky part…You have to find a church where God is being worshipped in truth and spirit. Many, many churches in America today do not actually worship God, or at least not in truth. Read my article on how to find a church.

To become more spiritual, get around people who know Jesus Christ and with whom He has a relationship. Then continue to pray and ask God for guidance. Ask God to teach you how to become more spiritual. Ask God to teach you how to love Him as much as He loves you.

(Photo credit: flickr Creative Commons, In Deep Prayer by John Ragi

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