Going to Church Doesn’t Make You a Christian

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Bible Study by Ace ArmstrongGoing to church doesn’t make you a Christian, but not going to church makes you a non Christian.

Yes, it’s a bold statement and I recognize that there are many nuances and circumstances that could be discussed. However, consider this statement: Eating vegetables doesn’t make you a vegetarian but not eating at all makes you dead.

If you are not plugged into a group of Christian believers you are drifting away from God. In order to have a growing relationship with Jesus Christ (the purpose of Christianity), you have to spend time associating with other believers. And I’m not talking about walking in the church a minute late and leaving the moment the sermon is over. How can a person get to know anyone doing that?

Church is not about being inside a certain building once a week. Church is about building relationships with like minded Christians who can help you grow in your walk with God and with whom you can help grow in theirs.

In a previous article I pointed out that missing a church service once in a while is not a sin, but not going to church at all is foolish.

Granted, finding the right church to attend may take some work, but if your not getting yourself around other believers, you’re missing out.

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