Christian Dream Interpretation

Christian dream interpretation

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Christian dream interpretationYou had a really strange dream and are now trying to figure out what it means. Maybe you watched a scary movie before going to bed and elements of the movie appeared in your dream. Maybe you’ve been worrying about something and your concerns are manifesting themselves into your dreams. But maybe, just maybe, it’s God talking to you and He has an important message he wants to share with you.

We see in the Bible that God can use the time we’re asleep to talk to us through our dreams.
God warned Abimelech in a dream that Sarah was actually Abraham’s wife. (Genesis 20)

Jacob was visited by God in a dream in which God told him he would inherit a huge amount of land. (Genesis 28)

Joseph had a dream in which he was binding up stalks of corn with his brothers. Suddenly his corn stalk stood straight up while the stalks belonging to his brother’s bowed down before his. When he woke up he foolishly told his brothers about the dream. They, of course, weren’t too pleased and eventually beat him up and then sold him into slavery which, coincidentally, began the fulfillment of that dream. (Genesis 37)

All throughout the Bible, from the book of Genesis through the New Testament, we find God talking to people through their dreams. But does He continue to do so today? If you have a weird dream does that automatically mean it’s from God? Not necessarily, and we need to be cautious about assuming every whimsical image flashing through our mind at night is from God. But none the less God does occasionally speak to people through their dreams today.

So if you think you’ve had a dream that was from God, how do you figure out what it means? I want to offer a word of warning about websites that claim to be “dictionaries” for Christian dream interpretation. We are all individuals and God speaks to us individually. Many of these Christian dream interpretation websites fail to take our individuality into consideration and instead will offer only one or two generic interpretations for a dream. These websites typically ask you to look up a word based on some element that was present in your dream and then offer you a “definition”. By doing so they place God in a box as though He’s limited on what He can possibly say. I don’t subscribe to this at all because if God has a message specifically for you, it only makes sense that the dream will have a unique interpretation.

However, It is my belief that the best way to interpret a dream is through scripture. By taking the elements of the dream and looking for similarities in scripture we can often figure out what the meaning of the dream may be. For example, have you ever had a dream in which you can’t find your shoes? Many people have had this dream. Ephesians 6:14-15 says, Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled round your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace.

If you’re dreaming about not being able to find your shoes, one conclusion, based on the scripture above, could be that it means you’re not ready. But what type of readiness comes from the gospel of peace? Well, if we back up and look at the scripture in context we see that Paul was telling the Ephesians that they need the full armor of God so that they can take their stand against the Devil’s schemes.

By dreaming about not being able to find your shoes, the Lord may be telling you that you’re not ready to stand against the Devil’s schemes because you’re not spending quality time in the gospel of peace, which is God’s word, the Bible.

If you do have a strange dream and are curious about Christian dream interpretation, the best thing you can do is pray. Dreams are only one of the ways in which God speaks to us. He can also speak to us using many different methods. So if you’ve had a dream you think may be from God and you don’t fully understand its meaning, ask God to tell you what it means. Remember also that God will never contradict Himself. So if you had a dream and you think it may be God telling you to do something that goes against what the Bible says, then it wasn’t God talking to you.

Christian dream interpretation can be difficult and it may help to take the time to write the dream down. Afterwards, pray about its meaning and then spend time becoming familiar with the word of God so that you’ll have the tools you need to interpret your dreams.

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197 thoughts on “Christian Dream Interpretation

  1. Mitt Cassidy says:

    I agree with the individuality aspect of dream interpretation. I tend to try to look at the whole dream as a metaphor and try to see how it mirrors my waking life. Even if I have no idea how to use the bible to figure out my dream I find that I regularly see common dream themes appearing in my dreams that match with my waking life. I always figure that if God is speaking to me then it must be because this mirrored part of my life is in excess and needs to be toned down a bit.

    • GaryH says:

      Mitt, that’s a really good point and a good way to look at it as well. Thanks for taking the time to offer your thoughts.

  2. Carla says:

    Thank you for this article. I had been googling “Christian dream interpretations” when I happened upon this article. Funnily I didn’t feel comfortable googling dream interpretations, preferring to have direction from God in prayer. But my son who has been have reoccurring dreams of being stabbed, is now not wanting to sleep out of fear. So here I am finding myself on the internet after saying I would not. After reading this I now know I need to ask God to be specific and ask God to reveal if there is some message or warning in these nightmares….Thank you again. Carla

    • GaryH says:

      Carla, This is a very strange dream and I would be interested to hear more details of it. Perhaps there could be some spiritual meaning to it but it’s very unusual. When reading your comment my first though was to wonder if your son had been perhaps watching some horror movie or something.

    • secretmessenger22 says:

      the kind of fear that makes you not want to sleep is not of God, it is of the enemy. You need to be praying against spiritual enemies (demons) as well as for protection in both the physical and spiritual.

  3. Judy says:

    Dear Gary

    You saved me from going onto internet to find an answer for my dreams. I have lost everything in the last seven years of my life. My husband, my job, 3 of my doggies. I do not have children. I have been praying that God would give me a new life partner. Have had 2 dreams where there is a sense of family / community and doggies running around which I am hoping is God saying “hold on” you can be part of a family……. how will I know? The other dream is of me wading through a river that is treacherous (I have always been scared of water as I nearly drowned as a child). This time I waded through the water and felt exhilarated when I reached the other side. Do you have any thoughts on this please?

    • GaryH says:

      Hi Judy, Glad I could help. thanks for visiting my site. I’m sorry to hear about how you’ve lost your husband, job and dogs, that is a real hardship but God can bring you through that. You’re first dream is clearly an expression of your desire to have family, community and dogs. God said in Psalm 37:4 that if you Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart. But remember, we don’t pursue Jesus because we want something from him; we pursue Him because we love Him, and in doing so he will give you what you desire.

      About your second dream. Revelation 17:15 and Revelation 13:1 show us that water represents the world and the ways of the world. Romans 12:2 and Ephesians 2:2 show us that the ways of the world are contrary to God’s ways.

      So, in your dream you are wading through a treacherous river. The fact that the river is dangerous further shows that it represents the ways of the world. The fact that you are wading through it with your head above water shows that you were in the world but no of the world. You just needed to pass through it. The fact that you reached the other side shows that God has blessings in store for you.

      You may be in the river at this present time and God is showing you in the dream that He is going to bring you out of your current situation by bringing you “to the other side of the river.”

      So basically God is telling you to keep your head above the water (stay focused on Jesus) and he will bring you out of your current circumstances and give you blessings on the other side.

  4. judith says:

    hi! sir Garyh,i am juditg pilina. 34 years old. several times GOD has talked to me in my dreams. For example, GOD was telling me to pray for my country because there will be a lot of calamities that will come. Every time my dream comes true. I am interesting to hear from you sir. Can you reply to me, i just want to ask how to exercise my gift from God. God bless us all!

    • Ruth says:

      Hi Judith I believe you have a very special gift from the Lord. I can recommend some groups on Facebook if you would like. They are helpful.

    • Destiny says:

      I too have had reoccurent dreams for a while now, about the military and our countries enemies and them being in our country, I have dreams that I walk into a place and all of a suddenly everybody has to drop because the enemies have guns… And I always wakeup before the next thing happens the very last time I dreamed this I remember seeing soldiers specifically and terrorist, one of them held the gun to my head and asked name in the dream I told him my middle name which is destiny and for some reason I was able to run away.

  5. judith says:

    i always dream sickness people adult and kids..some of my brethren…i dream about them that there will be happen of them,it was true sir?i always dream every night the dream that very amaze for me that JESUS lay his hands on me and spoke about” do not worry for everything in this world bec the kingdom of heaven waiting for u on heaven.” and i dream about rising up to the sky almost to heaven,but i was afraid and asking God for help and sudenly i am slowly down …,thank’s a lot sir GARYH…GOD bless us all!

  6. stella says:

    pls sir ,i dreamt of wear some one gave me bitter cola to give to my daddy, pls help with the interpretation.

    • GaryH says:

      This dream is difficult to interpret because of the limited information. However in the Bible, in the book of Numbers chapter 5. A woman who was unfaithful to her husband was given bitter water. The dream might mean that God is telling you that your dad has been unfaithful to Jesus by worshiping another god.

      This is a guess and you should pray for understanding. Ask Jesus what the dream means.

  7. kimla says:

    I had a dream I was at a church. This prophet was up speaking. My grandma and Aunt were there. I was sitting at the back. He was speaking a word to grandma first then my aunt. He looked at me and said you have dominion he said, don’t you know that? I said yes he said how do you know? I said God told me. He said this watch is going to be pulled out of this water it’s worth a whole lot of money and has your name on it, he said kimla ellis he said my city he said is kimla ellis your name i said yes he said i know your dad whats his name i told him he said who is chester i said my causin that was it

    • Donna says:

      My precious sister in the Lord your dream is a very clear and straight forth. Meaning it not a mystery God has revealed the authority he has given you I the Holy Ghost. The Lord has declared a set time that your name will be announced in a great and mighty way his kingdom sake in your divine city.
      You have be position my Lord Jesus Christ in a pacific place that the glory will be seen in the open before all men. You came from bloodline of anointed prayer warrior their payer is the reason way you have been chosen by God for such a mighty work.
      The word will not fall to the ground but it will come to pass in its appointed set time declares the Lord God Almighty.
      The meaning of the watch being brought forth out of the deep waters is a sign of the precious treasure bring brought forth from within you, you yourself are watcher in the spirit, strong prayer intercessor and a seer. Men will see, men will see you will no longer behind but you shall come to surface in Jesus Christ name.

  8. kimla says:

    Be for i had this dream july4 i have had a dream that i was driving the freeway ended i ended up in this lake i was praying so hard i called my husband i say im drowing he say what i say im in the water now he thought i was playing the car was going down i held the phone i said God please get me out of this water you know i cant swim get me out God please he helped me on dry land i droved the car straight across

  9. Kiwikristian says:


    I have had a couple of dreams lately, could you please explain? But first i will tell you a little about myself. My daughters and I currently live with my father who is a carpenter, as my husband (him and i had not given our hearts to jesus at this time) passed away six years ago. Even though money has been tight over the last few years we have never gone without. I have not been working for the last few years only volunteering my time at my church, I thought God would provide for me a paid Job by now, but in saying that I would prefer to own my own business I don’t know if any of this relevant and i know i am comfortable but don’t know if I am happy where I am.

    first dream: Dad had built a new house, but on the outside of the house he put up tents that were attached to the house, for the girls and I (it was like they were our bedrooms). There was also a tent attached to the front of the house for visitors. There wasn’t much more to this dream other than the tents were really nice. But a thought did come to my mind as I was looking at these tents, would they be strong enough against stormy weather or even light rain?

    Second dream: Dreamt husband and I had (newborn) Triplets, but the babies were in another country with my sister and knowing they could not travel back to our country for at least 6months I said to my husband, lets move to where our babies are as it will be easier to get a job and we won’t have to travel back and forth….. He was keen (I think more for the extra money he possibly thought he would get than for the babies). As we were discussing this dad came home (carpenter) and shortly in the driveway were dad and I’s car but also a couple came in a truck and trailer to drop off a digger to start digging the backyard up.

    Do these dreams have any meaning if so I would love it if you could share some scriptures and the interpretation…Thanks

    • GaryH says:

      The first dream, in my opinion, most likely has something to do with Matthew 7:24-27.

      The most important aspects of the dream are that your dad is the builder, he is building shelters for you and your girls, and that you express concern over the strength of what he has built.

      Without knowing anything about your Dad it’s difficult to interpret, however, it might possibly mean that while your dad had built what seems like a solid foundation for himself, he might not be building a good spiritual foundation within your daughters. This doesn’t mean he is bad, it could merely be that he doesn’t understand how to be a good spiritual leader for them.

      The second dream is puzzling to me because you stated that your husband passed away six years ago, so I’m not sure what it would mean to have him present in your dream, however, at the end of the dream your dad arrives and begins a digging project, which again is very reminiscent of Matthew 7:24-27. The digging tells me that the two dreams are probably related and are about the same subject, especially considering that children of yours were in the second dream as well.

      My input and advice would be first and foremost to pray about these and to think about the spiritual foundation that your dad is building within your children’s life’s. If that spiritual foundation is in some way lacking, than you ought to either try to fill in where he is lacking or perhaps take the lead and be the spiritual leader for both your kids and your dad.

      Again, however, I know nothing about your family’s dynamics and therefore am making a very superficial interpretation based only on what’s you’ve written above.

      Pray, pray, pray….

    • Donna says:

      The Lord God is the spirit of all truth who reveals the secret things.
      The spirit of the Lord is revealing that he is going to increase your household size and he’s going to bless you with a much larger home.
      The home will be a sturdy its a shield of protection. You don’t have to worry for it is the Lord who builds a solid house.

      Remain prayerful and stead fast and it shall come to pass if it has not already. Remain blessed my sister

      first dream: Dad had built a new house, but on the outside of the house he put up tents that were attached to the house, for the girls and I (it was like they were our bedrooms). There was also a tent attached to the front of the house for visitors. There wasn’t much more to this dream other than the tents were really nice. But a thought did come to my mind as I was looking at these tents, would they be strong enough against stormy weather or even light rain?

  10. Kiwikristian says:

    Thank you so much Gary for your words of wisdom and interpretation, what you have said is right on the mark and I am so grateful that I now have direction and that is to get on my knees and pray and use the spiritual authority Jesus has given me for my family. Your interpretation is confirmation of what I am going through right now.

    I prayed to the Lord this morning, if these dreams meant anything that He would use you to tell me the meaning. So thank you for your obedience to the Lord and may He bless your ministry more.

  11. Reese C says:

    Great and comforting site. Had a dream it seems many have had. I had small plants sporadically growing on my left hand then I tore them out then they grew back in plethora covering my hands like 80s gloves without the finger coverings. I ripped them out and they were clean then I saw this persistent “5 o’clock shadow” type look in my palms and then poof! They were there again. I was addicted to porm for 30 years and now trying to reach out to others to help them since I have been free. However I was skitzed in in my dream. It wasn’t this wonderful feeling of fruitfulness. I’m also a musician and involved in overseas missions now. I certainly don’t have a green thumb. Lol

  12. geetogod says:

    I have had many dreams in the last 8 weeks, I am married with 5 children, since moving to Australia 3 yrs ago I feel I have had a very dry walk, with no fault to anyone but myself. I have recently come through that drought and have been dreaming often. I would love to step out in what God has for me, but many distractions have been coming along the path.
    There are 3 dreams that keep coming to my attention that I cannot seem to clearly interpret. Its come to the point that I think I am over thinking it.
    dream 1: My husband (who cannot drive) left me at a shop, took the car with our children in it, and drove off, I see them when I step outta the shop, floating above the water in a raging brown murky river just outside the shop. I began crying because I was fearful for them. I awoke
    dream 2: A christian couple that our family knows well, came into our house and rearranged it completely, it made me uncomfortable, and when I stepped out onto the veranda, our back yard now had a pond and a raging river behind the pond, both were brown and murky in colour.
    dream 3: There were bad people taking over the world, and I was with my unsaved family members and my youngest baby was on my front pack. I talked them into running away and swimming across the ocean sea to go to the other side where there was land, to hide. When we arrived the bad people were there also and they said that babies were not aloud into the new world, and they wanted to take her.I said no, they got a gun and went to shoot from a point blank range…I raised my arms and said Jesus…the bullets did not penetrate, it happened again.

    I thank you for your time, and am truly inspired by the information I have read on this site.

  13. ivy says:

    hi, had this dream and wondering what it is.
    saw two or three little boys playing close to my little son. one of these boys had a small stick in hand and was using it to prick some chicks ( yellow little chickens). tried to stop him by taking the stick from him and all of a sudden, the stick turned into a green snake in my hand, and as i was shaking with fear, it grew into a big python. i dropped it down in fear and it rose up to strike me. just then, a lady came behind the snake (it was her snake) and told it to stop. it still wanted to strike, but she warned it to stop for its own good becos biting me would cause problems. then they both turned around and walked away from me. i ran in shock and fear to a tree and looking at them,i started shouting prayers against them. i dont remember exactly what i was praying. but i remember saying something about holy ghost fire.

  14. Mrs. K says:

    I had two very disturbing, but brief, dreams last night. I apparently cried out during both dreams and my husband awakened me. Typically, I do not remember many of my dreams. I have had what I believe are ‘spiritual’ dreams occasionally in the past, but rarely are they frightening in any way. These two were. No, I did not and do not watch any frightening shows/movies, etc.
    The first dream involved a closet. Early in the dream someone closed the closet doors and there were a ‘variety’ of small what I knew to be… evil/demons. The only specific form I remember is one was a spider type figure. I don’t recall anything specific other than talking to others in the house (I believe family & friends) and feeling as if life went on as “normal” and at some later point, someone opened the closet doors (as if everyone forgot what was in there) and the evil/demons, including the spider, had grown in size and power. Immediately upon opening the door, they attacked those in the room. I recall that I myself was ‘safe’ and untouched, but was aware that the most powerful demon “took someone out” instantly.
    After screaming/crying out in my sleep, my husband shook me awake. I fell back to sleep not long after and had another brief, unpleasant dream. In the dream I was walking across the entry area of the house (We are presently living with my husband’s parents and sister.) where there are windows to the porch. A ‘person’ suddenly and frighteningly appeared in the window. I do not recall who the person was, but had a sense it was someone we know (or family member). I began to scream “mom, mommy” in the dream and again, my husband woke me up. The only other time I’ve verbalized out loud while dreaming was during a pleasant dream in which I was walking down the church aisle singing and praising Jesus.
    Any thoughts on this would be much appreciated. God bless you!

  15. sinkari Bell says:

    I dreamt that parts of the sea back home had charcoal built structures on it. I was being showed the structures as an artistic display of work done showing the past times of slavery.

  16. Segun says:

    I pray that God richly bless you for this post. I have always thought that you can’t just be fixed on dream symbols. Thanks for the liberation afterall.

    However, God is favourable to me by giving me dreams almost everyday but unfortunately I don’t know most of their meanings.

    I actually do pray once in a while for God to help me with dream interpretations.

    However, could you help me with some especially with one that is synonymous with lack of shoes that you mentioned in your post.

    1. I dreamt that I was in the mist of state governors in my country and two of us have no shoes. And the other guy went and put on somebody else’s shoes and imediately something very terrible happened to him and I leaned from his mistake and decided not to wear any of the governors’ shoes. As I was going out of the place, one governor thought I wanted to wear his shoes and he quickly wore his shoes and I was saying in my heart that I’m not even coming to wear to wear your shoes. His shoes were a very big slippers.

    2. There was a period I used to praise God every night by 1.00am. I saw that I was wearing a kingly robe and was dancing before the throne of God.

    3. I saw a guy in my church whom we were a little close and he was eating garden egg hungrily. I then throw two garden eggs to him to add to what he’s eating. In that dream I saw that we were living in the same compound and our rooms were facing each order. And I saw that as he was eating the garden eggs, occult people came from his side of the apartment and were placing a curse and singing. And I later saw that I was telling him that I just wanted everybody to display whatever they want to display before I started mine. And he said he’ll give me the phone number of somebody who can give me a contract for job.

    Could you please help me with these dreams?

    Thank you and God bless.

  17. Geda says:

    If you have the time can you please help me with this one, it is quite important. Normally I know what my dreams where about, but this one kinda scared me. I was traveling or running with a group of people. I can’t really say it was very blurry. But while traveling it felt the whole time as if I was running away from something. The people around me was blurry, not sure who they were, but I do seem to recall my brother and sister in law. The entire dream was very grey. We came to a point where we sat down on the grass and I traced my shoe on a piece of plastic, why I did this I don’t know, but in my dream it was important for me to do this. I then had to cut out this shoe shape from the plastic, which was extremely hard. The next thing I remember, we were in a dark house, and suddenly I was standing with a dead snake in my hand. I was skinning it and I ate it raw. It was the most horrible, disgusting taste I have ever endured. The stench of the blood filled me with extreme nasau. The taste of it became to much for me, and I started throwing it all up, yet while doing this, I had this sense that I needed to preserve the snake….if I can put it that way. When I woke up I was literaly spitting all over my bed trying to get rid of the taste. I have been going through some issues lately where I am at a point in my life that I feel I need to make some serious choices but can’t seem to do so. I also went through a short period where I moved away from God a bit and felt rejected for a while. I don’t know if that could have something to do with the dream. Please help me with this. I still feel very disturbed, and feel a sense of urgency regarding this dream.

  18. Robin Davidson says:

    Hello i have had this dream ever since I was a little girl i am now almost 21. my parents have said ever since i was 14 I would wake up scarred about a dream that I would have every night around 3am i was afraid to talk to anyone about it becuz people might think i was crazy. the dream starts off with me being older in the military idk what branch but i was in the medical field. all through out the dream it would focus on the cross necklace that i have wore for years. but any way it start off with me walking into the room and telling this middle aged women that you dont have much longer to live. the women was scared about what happens after death she saw my necklace and asked me what i believed i told her and then walked out to the car and gave her my bible to read and to call me if she had any questions. the women did not live much longer after that. then it went to I guess judgement for the women but it was dark all i could see was chairs all around the room i could not see not faces in the chair. Then God said welcome my child and then big gates open and then a flash of light with them women walking into the flash of light. i still have this dream randomly and it never changes. i just want to know what it means.

    • GaryH says:

      this is a very interesting dream, especially the repetitive nature of it. This dream isn’t like a warning, advice or revelation type of dream, rather my impression is that it’s more like a calling. I come to this conclusion because you’ve had this dream all your life. To me it sounds like God is calling you to be an a witness to those who need to hear about the love of God.

      The woman was obviously dying and you were obviously in a position to tend to her at that time. The cross necklace shows that you are a representative for Christ. The fact that you needed only to go to your car to retrieve your Bible shows that you were prepared. The fact that she was scared about what happens after death shows that she didn’t yet know Jesus. Clearly when God said “welcome” and the woman walked into the light, she was accepted into salvation and eternity with God. Therefore, you were successful in leading her into salvation.

      Again, I think God is asking you to be a witness for Him. To share the love of God with those who are desperate to hear about it.

      Where do you currently stand in your own faith? Do you have a church you attend? What are your beliefs? Would you say that you’re filled with the Holy Spirit?

  19. Jenny says:

    I keep having this repeated dream of vomiting whitish substance in my dreams. At times it gets so scary that i wake up with coughs like I’m about to vomit.What does this mean and if it’s not a good omen what can i do .

    • GaryH says:

      I can think of a couple of places in scripture where it talks about vomit:

      Le. 18:28 And if you defile the land, it will vomit you out as it vomited out the nations that were before you.

      Pr. 26:11 As a dog returns to its vomit, so a fool repeats his folly.

      I’m not sure what your dream means, if anything at all. However, I would simply pray to Jesus and ask Him for its meaning and ask also that He take that dream away from you so that you don’t continue having it.

  20. Vee says:

    Hi Gary, wow, thank you for this. Are also believe that dreams are from God but what do you do when you cannot interprete them because even in the bible there were certain people that were designated for such a task. What could be the meaning of dreaming of hair in your mouth, you pull it off and more hair continues to grow but the next time around its afro and you comb it then just keep cutting it out.

  21. kimla says:

    I had a dream about 3 lizards. One was very small, one was medium
    and the third was large. I told my husband “look at these lizards”. We started running after them but they got away. Then I dreamt that someone had died. Then to my son in law wanted something to eat.

  22. Rena says:

    I dreamt the moon last night, it was bright in the sky almost orange like the sun. I told my sis it was full moon but she said it was not. I then saw it shooting like a star, then it faded and became normal.

    Can you tell me what this means



  23. temitope akinbo says:

    i had a dream in a house i am in a house with my cousin and my parents it looks like a new house apartment ,i want the meaning sir

  24. Jimsy Maria says:

    Hi Gary,

    I was searching for dream interpretation on google when i come across your blog. Thought of Sharing my dreams with you. Since i was a child i used to get dreams when anything bad was going to happen to me or to my family but i never understood the meaning of the dream. Yesterday night, i had a weird dream. I saw somebody from office had given me 4 animals in a cage. The cage was small and in rectangular shape. In one cage there was tiger, 2nd has monkey, 3rd was snake and 4th one i forgot. I was afraid to release tiger and monkey as i thought they would attack me or my family but i felt free to release Snake and the 4th animal. However i did not release any animal from cage and kept them for a day with me. Next day Tiger and Monkey got aggressive and tried to get out from cage due to hunger and i did not how to feed them so i took them to a national park and asked the officials but i couldn’t release them there too and then i went back to office and gave him back to the person but even he denied to take it.

    Can you help me understand this dream?

    Kind Regards,

  25. mathieu says:

    I had a dream the other night, I went into my grandma and granpas house(they are both deceased) and I looked around and everything was neat and tidy and they phone started to ring, I was like, who would be calling here my granparents are dead. So I egnored it, then it started to ring again so I picked it up and answered it, it was my granma calling from heaven, she said Jesus loves you… I said I know granma, then she said stay away from sin, I said I have been granma, then I said ive gotta go ill see you real soon! Then I left the house went outside and seen a lady I knew, shew pointed at my grandmas house and said how do u like my new house, I said that isnt your house its my grandparents house she said I know im just renting it for 400$ a month and that’s it

  26. sai says:

    Good day sir,please if you can interprete my dream,,the dream is i saw myself standing in a river with low tide and in the river was a big long fishing net that start from one end to the other and in the net i saw lots of fish and some of the fish i can smell like its already been cooked and i was worried to know that part of the net got busted and some big fish got away..

  27. molefi jacob khunyeli says:

    kindly interpret the following dream for me. I dreamd my youngest daughter (3yrs old) being bitten by snake on the arm. The first reaction was to rush her to the doctor. In the dream i see myself looking through clothing shelves for something to wear for her and myself before rushing to the doctor. I seem not to be rushing enough though the situation is urgent. I seem to be taking far too long. Just as i finish and am ready to go,there appears a man who ask to play the song i like. At this point i woke up. I prayed and asked my Lord to redeem me. I dont like this dream at all. I am certain it has to do with the evil one trying to derail my breakthrough. I have been having a number of setbacks just at the point of breakthrough. Yesterday me and my wife went to see someone who has the influence for our deal to be signed. This has taken far too long to materialise and i have known for sometime its satan behind it. I write this message soon after i woke up and prayed

  28. Dorcas S. says:

    thank you Gary for your post. it was like God speaking to me. i’ve had this series of dream for more than a year. the dream is in three category. first i’ve had a dream where i’m bare footed but my feet looks clean, i’m putting a shoe on but there’s fault with it or i’m searching in a heap of shoes for a good shoe.second is, there seem to be someone who want to harm me but before the person gets closer, a strong man of whom in the dream i feel like my father comes to save me from this person and thirdly, i dream of either i’m in a bus, or sitting next to the bus driver or being driven by this man who saves me from the person who wants to hurt me. this three dreams have been reoccurring to me for more than a year that i got frustrated of them, recently, in the one that’s reoccurring to me, this same man tires to help me climb up a big vehicle, a pit or a staircase and also i dream of me inside the church i attend a lot. i’m confused but one thing is certain and that is, these dreams do occur in series. i’ve been praying and still will pray about them. please do share with me what you believe according to the word of God may be an interpretation to my dreams. thank you once again.

  29. Mary Y says:


    I would love for you to please interpret a dream for me. My sister in law had a dream about my ex partner (whom I still have communication with). He was in a coma and I was sitting by his bedside crying. Although he was in a coma, he kept waking up dramatically and then quickly falling back into the coma. This happened over and over again.

    I have my own understanding of the dream in relation to my current situation with him, but if you could please give me your interpretation from a biblical perspective I would greatly appreciate it!


  30. Jessi says:

    I’m so glad I came across your post! I have been praying for God to give me an interpretation. At this point, three people have come to me saying they each had a very real and detailed dream that I was pregnant. I also had a similar dream. AND, my 3 year old asked me a strange question “Mommy, where is that baby?…the baby in your belly?” I feel so confused at this point.

    • GaryH says:

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. I’m not sure what your dream may mean, however, ask Jesus for clarification and it will be revealed to you.

      This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. (1 John 5:14)

  31. Erika Richards says:

    I dreamt and heard very clearly in my dream, like a voice telling me: you are putting on the shoes of Rebekah! And i saw myself putting on shoes! Please could you tell me what this means? This interpretation of my dream would give me some direction as to where i am right now and i would truly appreciate your insight.

    • GaryH says:


      This is truly fascinating. I recommend re-reading Rebekah’s entire story which begins in Genesis chapter 24. Rebekah went on a long journey and never returned. This is one possible interpretation, however, to understand the message that God has given you, you must first ask Him what it means.

  32. Denise McDowell says:

    Dear Gary,
    First, I would like to say that before I had this dream the Lord woke me up this morning & asked me to pray for our country & the UN. The first time which was two weeks ago seemed more audible because I instantly woke up hearing Him. This was the second time He has woke me up to pray which I obey. I know that we are living in troubling times so I am sure that is why He wakes me to pray. Had a spiritual dream early in the morning. I dreamed of an armor of God but in my dream it was in front of me (facing me) but no one was wearing it as if God showing me it was almost too bright to stare. One thing that really stuck out was that it made a weird sizzling sound to the point that it woke me up. As I removed my eye mask I could still see the this vibrant armor. It was vibrant white with gold. Not sure if this has anything to do with my dream or God speaking to me but I am studying the Old Testament currently reading 1Kings 16-22. I honestly don’t think it is related. I just don’t understand the dream or its meaning.

    • GaryH says:

      Dear Denise,
      Thanks for visiting my site. That’s an amazing dream you had. The first thing that comes to mind of course is Ephesians chapter 6. Perhaps God is simply telling you to put on the full armor of God.

  33. Jeannie says:

    I have had several dreams that I need help with. In the first I am standing at a riverbank and a man whom I admire greatly is standing on the other side preaching the Word of God.

    I am married, have been to the same man for 20 years, never had an affair. He was standing with me on my side of the river.

    In the next dream my husband is killed instantly in a small plane crash. I feel there is possibly a relation to the two dreams.

    There are other things related to this man in my dreams. For some reason the Lord has been bringing him to my mind for over a month. A few weeks ago I began asking the Lord about this and He gave me several signs in the daytime that pointed to there being some type of relationship in the future with this person. This man in the dream is a single man a bit younger than me.

    • GaryH says:

      Very interesting. I’m not sure what this dream means but I would be careful about how you interpret the dream. Any message from God will never contradict the word of God (The Bible). Why? Because God never lies and He is not like a man that changes his mind. If there is some sort of relationship in the future with this man, it should be that of your husband becoming a friend and spiritual mentor for this man or this man becoming a spiritual mentor to your husband, not one where you are having a growing relationship with a man other than your husband. Such a relationship would be against the will of God.

      Also be careful how you search for and interpret “signs” because that’s not normally how God operates. However, it is how Satan sometimes operates. God normally does his work through people and ‘coincidences’. Satan, however, can trick people into being mislead by having them assume everything is a ‘sign’. (I do not believe that Satan can give us a dream, only God can.) But Satan could use ‘signs in the daytime’ to mislead you.

      The reason I’m going on about deception is because your comment appears to indicate that you may, in some way, be considering an affair. Note: You mentioned you’ve never had an affair but that this other man is single and you believe you’re going to have a relationship with him in the future. That is clearly NOT what God is telling you. However, I apologize if I misunderstood your comment.

  34. debbie says:

    I really need someone to interpretate my dream just dreamt it yesterday I dream that Jesus was in old cabin the sun was setting you can see the light from the sun
    setting jesus was sitting on the floor with his legs
    cross in pain shaking he was bruised bleeding everywhere
    skin slice open he had fake crown made in throrns he look like that day he died on the cross I got some water in a basin and grab a wash cloth and start wiping his wounds away he said ouch ouch I said ill do it more gently continue to wipe hes wounds my don woke me up didnt get to finish the dream

  35. debbie says:

    I also had another dream the world was ending planes crash and tornadoes earthquake and everyone was screaming chaos everywhere I saw jesus coming threw the clouds felt like armaggadeon battle I heard a knock from my door woke me up when I went to go look no one was, there ,

  36. Rita Gilbert says:

    I had a dream last night where I was almost bald, (95%) black hair. Although it was quite shock being having bald, I was OK and not very sad. Can you help to advise?
    Thank you.
    (I am a born again Christian).

  37. Marsha says:

    Hello Gary,
    5 months ago I had a dream of people travelling in water using all types of big fish. I went ahead to catch my fish a caught a huge whale like fish without a head on it. I remember feeling very disturbed about why my fish had no head. I thought to myself what good is this and I felt ashamed. As an after thought I thought that maybe people can eat it since there was a lot of meat. I know this dream has meaning. I have been trying to shake it off but to no avail.

    Thank you

  38. Bonnie says:

    Found your site on a facebook search. I do dream a lot and very vivid. I have trouble discerning what comes from the Lord, or an attack from the enemy. Or whether it was just a far fetched dream caused by what I had seen on tv or the tv being on while I slept. I have been going through the bible daily using an audio bible for the last year and journaling my prayers and a few dreams that mark an impression on me. For the longest time I was having nightmares about going to hell. They had stopped for awhile until last night. I am still praying through this dream and doing some inquiring and meaning on symbolism. I want to be careful though because there is a lot of new age stuff out there and sites that say they are Christian, yet end up having astrology plastered all over their web page.
    I hope I can recall last night what I dreamed. It was somewhat upsetting, but I need to realize not to focus on them giving the true picture, some of it can be attacks from the enemy making me question my faith in Christ. However I will record what I remember in case the Lord chooses for me to learn from these dreams and change the way I think about him, or if I am sinning against him in some way and my heart needs to turn towards him for forgiveness and cleansing.
    It started out last night being at school where I attended grades 1-10. There was a zip line at the back wall door way where the high school usually enters and exits. My best friend Julie and I were playing on it. She went first, and somehow it had turned into a long rope that I had the other end and swung it like a skipping rope. It was way to close to the wall and Julie was on the other end and crashed into the wall and her neck got severed. I ran to her and tried to comfort her and get her help. I could feel her spine of her neck ajar, she was still alive and talking. “Julie, I am so sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you.” I apologized as I was trying to position her head in alignment. Then there was another character type animal, something crossed between a wolf and a badger, that tried to get inside of Julie with a strong tight thread and cut off circulation to kill her. Then I found it trying to do the same to me around my hands and getting on the inside of my stomach. Pulling tighter and tighter. I had tried to unknot it and pull it loose being careful not to tear or harm the insides. (you know what its like when a cat tries swallowing a long piece of thread. You don’t want to pull it, just let them swallow it and hope it will digest through.) I also remember trying to bite the string off so it wouldn’t have anything to pull from the creatures end.
    I then dreamt I had died. With many people I flew straight upward and a simple gown was placed on me. I don’t remember the color. I found myself going through this building with lots of doors. I was told to go to door # something or other, then I couldn’t remember what door I was told to go through, I wanted so much to see Jesus. I opened the door there were many people in line. I was getting excited for I was going to see my Savior. I looked forward stretching my head in different positions to see where he was. I finally was in front of someone, but I didn’t recognize him, but in my dream I thought it was Jesus. He told me that God was upset at me because my thoughts were blended. I remember beginning to bow down thinking it was Jesus, and then he turned into this half badger half wolf. I was in the wrong place and in the gates of hell itself I thought. I had been fooled again in my search for Christ. How I wanted to see him, So I ran to another door and went through it. It was sooty and firery, but I continued on,….I was praying Lord I pray that this is the right way, I came to a person in a bathtub filled with bubble bath but then again he had turned into the enemy, I can’t remember the rest of my dream, I felt trapped in this house that lead to nowhere and every door I opened the hell was there.
    I also have repeating dreams of missing the school bus at the farm home which I grew up. I am always at the door ready to board the bus and then it drives away. Last night was the exception, different driver and a shorter bus. It was one of my school chums that lived near our farm.
    There are so many recurring school dreams, one I helped out a history teacher with his camping trip. It was cold and I went into a large tent where he was the adult supervisor for the boys. I ended up laying by him to be warm. Well lets say it led to more…. The repeating part of it is when I go to history classes at school, or to volunteer for the younger grades, he won’t talk to me and doesn’t want me there. I am recently divorced this last year and not been with my former husband for 2 years. We had been married a few months shy of 29 years. I have never been unfaithful to him. Yet he had emotional relationships 4 times throughout our married life. As far as I know they were not sexual.
    Why am I dreaming of being intimate with my history teacher? Am I taking it too literal? Is there a hidden meaning that I’m just not getting?

    I admit I have questioned my faith in Christ many times throughout the years and His love for me. There are so many times I had prayed to Jesus the sinners prayer in different wording, but all meant the same, and was from my heart completely! Yet in my thought process I am challenged about the relationship I have with Christ. I know that there is nothing I can do to gain Gods favor, but believe that Jesus suffered and died for my sin and defeated the enemy’s hold on me by his shed blood, death and resurrection. Its God’s grace through His way that I have the hope to be with Him when I die, or if Christ should return before him. Are my dreams of hell an attack from Satan? Why do I feel so frustrated when I wake up?

  39. Charlotte says:

    Hello Gary,
    I came across your website and was very glad to find it. My daughter (who is away on course) told me that she had a very strange dream. She said she woke suddenly from it and then couldn’t recall all of the details, but could remember this: She and her friend and other people were in a plane that was going down. She thought that there was something wrong with the tail of the plane. The first thing she remembered was that they were in the water still strapped in their seats. She reached under the seat to release the life jacket and remembers swimming to the shore. Then all of a sudden, she was at my house with me and it was night and we were looking at the moon. Mars was passing in front of the moon and that’s all she can remember. Do you make anything of this or is it just a dream?

    • GaryH says:

      Thanks for visiting my site. Your daughter’s dream is interesting. Off the top of my head it doesn’t bring to mind any scripture that might help interpret it. I would also consider recent events that might be influencing the dream. It was last month that an airliner crashed in the ocean. It was on the news 24 hours a day for three weeks. That event may have seeped into the back of your daughter’s thoughts causing her to have this dream. But otherwise, I’m not exactly sure what if it has any spiritual meaning.

  40. Lisa says:

    Hi. What a wonderful ministry. May God bless you!
    Here is my dream It was cut short because the phone woke me. I dreamed I was shopping but suddenly a police officer was there watching me ( I felt a negativeness in the dream about him) like I had done something wrong. But I knew I hadn’t and opened my purse with boldness to look in it as a way of showing I wasn’t afraid to open it cause I had nothing to hide. I noticed my purse was almost empty. I closed it and turned back to the shelves trying to remember what I was shopping for. Thats all I woke. Lately life has thrown me a whole lot of heart ache, stress and broken and grieving and planning on moving, not sure how that would be related but I have a great love for God and his fellowship.
    Thanks for your precious time. God bless.

  41. Viwe says:

    HI Gary, i had a dream were i was in a room with familiar faces of people i know. some close friends, some not- in the dream, i am holding my stomach and begin to throw up, my face looks sick, i crawl on the ground and keep throwing up, the vomit is somehow thick and also runny, as i remember the look in my face is of disquist- on that note, i have been having hectic migraines. the morning after my throwing up dream, i woke up with no migraine- Glory! what does this mean? is there a scripture i can take a look at?

  42. Maggie says:

    Very refreshing to read your resposes on this site. Thank you and my God enlarge you. I came here looking for dream interpretation and you are spot on! I had a dream about not been able to find shoes that fit me and I like the idea of referring to the scripture which I never did.
    Two days later I dreamt attending royal wedding at the stadium. We all went home and the way was to climp to the top/roof of the stadium. I tried to climb but slipped and fella long fall from the top to the bottom. Amazingly smn I did not know came to check if I had broken bones but I was fine, she just massaged me. And idid not feel any pain, could just feel a long distance from top to bottom.
    Please help me with this on.

  43. loice says:

    hi i recently had a dream in which my priest was handing me a tray full of cooked breams. i just finished 21 days Daniel’s fast. i also dream of casting out demons from people i do not know at church.

    pse help interpret

  44. Justice says:

    Hi Gary
    I had a dream hope you can assist me, I dreamed about a place where there was a small bridge and as I cross the bridge, I was told there was people coming from far to build a bigger bridge to the place we were crossing. When I get to the other side of the bridge there was an office and people were getting there to get some help, I looked on the other side I saw our former president who passed way about a year ago sitting under a tree. I went into the office and started shouting at the people on why they were not helping the old state man and I took him and left him in that office.

    As I went out I saw 3 Jewish male walking as they walk they were wearing Jewish prayer shawl and I asked one of them where to get one. I was directed to mall.

    not sure what this dream mean hope you will be able to explain.
    God Bless

  45. Rosalyn says:

    Hi Gary,
    Recently I have found myself combing the internet for dream interpretations. While strongly feeling some of my dreams are prophetic I resorted to using dream dictionaries anyway. As I read your article I realized my error. I recently had a dream of being on a wheelchair trying to cross afield of tall grass, Suddenly I see a snake around me but I am lifted up from the field by a woman who appears to be my mother. We are both on some type of platform and as we look down the tall grass appears shorter and I can see many snakes hopping and jumping about in the grass they are now clearly visible.
    Last night I had a dream that I was demonstrating a concept to my class by wading in the ocean. As I went a little farther a woman I consider an enemy of mine jumps in the water and swims around me. The water is not clean but not murky either but she swims around me like a shark but says nothing.
    I strongly believe that enemies ANC trouble are all around me however could you steer me in the areas of scripture I need to research to better understand?

    Thank you,

    • GaryH says:

      Hi Rosalyn, I would start by reading Psalm 57. I’m not sure what your dream means exactly but it may be that Christ is encouraging you to take refuge in Him.

      From Gary Howell

  46. maria says:

    Hello, blessings!

    I would love to know about a dream that I have yesterday. I was getting baldness on top of my head, it was a big bald spot. I was so concerned in the dream.

    Any help would be great.


  47. Lynn says:


    I want to know if you can help me with this dream i had. My husband and i have been separated for one year due to adultery. We have two toddler boys. We have been talking about reconciliation lately. But i had this dream that i caught my husband having an affair with my old childhood friend. Me and the girl got into a big fight ones i caught them and then afterwards my husband and i started to fight. Then next thing i know all of the girls friends and family comes to fight me. And i told my husband to leave so he packed his bags and left. Can you tell me what scriptures in the bible speaks of adultery

    • GaryH says:

      Hi Lynn,
      Thank you for visiting my site. I’m not sure exactly what your dream means or if it has any meaning at all. It could simply be that you are dreaming about the things you have been on your mind while awake. I can, however, share with you the scriptures in the bible that speak of adultery.
      Here is a link that lists most of them:

  48. Julia says:


    Please help me with the interpretation of this dream. I was in my rural home where l was brought up with my 2 siblings, of which one of them is late (10yrs now) when suddenly 3 big cobra snakes charged towards me and my late older sister first spotted them she cried out ‘beware snakes!’ and my younger sister and l ran into the house as the snakes were advancing. Whilst inside we kept on hoping the snakes would not find a way into the house and l woke up.

    • GaryH says:

      This is fascinating because someone else I know had a very similar dream in which 3 venomous snakes tried to bite her. I’m not exactly sure of the meaning but I do believe the dream is significant. I would spend some quality time in prayer with the Lord. Ask Him what the dream means. Also while you’re at it, don’t forget to give thanks.

      • Keston says:

        Good day Sir. I thank God for your life. Please what does the dream of eating roasted and boiled sweet corn on a cob with your boyfriend mean? The corn was much and really sweet and soft.

  49. rhonda says:

    i have become a born again christian while going through this i was going through spirituial warfare evil spirits where attacking me ( scary) all i did was pray all day and all night mine was on jesus god seen me throught then they got in my mine i was haveing all kind of thought that wasnt me anymore i had a dream that i bit a dark red tomatoe and that was that then this guy that works with me was rideing a bike anhe had a box of chocolate doughnuts (he not save) i was talking to a lady on my job couldnt see her face she gave me a little small stuff animal couldnt see it clearly i was trying to turn on the switch to get the water running to take a shower i dont know if i got it to come on or not

  50. Sharon says:

    I enjoy this site. I normally will not look on line for a spiritual meaning of my dreams, normally I go to the scriptures and pray about it.
    I recently went to see my uncle before he died. I felt his death was hastened in a medical way by medication, hospice was there also. I had no control over the situation and tried to see him alone for a few minutes to pray. My Aunts would not let me spend any time alone with my Uncle. After I left and came home I was disturbed about it. I dreamed that night I was in my large closet, it was full of clothes on hangers, and I was looking through the clothes. I turned around and one of my Aunts took a set of my clothes on a hanger and walked away. The other took three clutch type black purses ( possibly formal clutches for evening wear) and she also walked away. I went to my scriptures the next day. I know certain words in the dream have significance….but I am still not understanding my dream. I thought you may have some insight. My relationship with my Aunts have been strained….I love them from afar, and I would always try to be kind, I have felt to not be pulled into family issues. These are my mothers sisters. My mother is no longer living and I have moved on into my own life. Thank you for taking the time to read this….This is a good site and I know people are refreshed when they come here. God Bless!

    • GaryH says:

      Dreams about shoes are very common and they are nearly always referring to Ephesians 6:11-18 with particular emphasis on verse 15, having your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. If someone in the dream has stolen your sandals, it means that you are not currently fitted with the readiness that comes form the gospel of peace. Jesus is telling you to spend more time reading the Bible with prayer for understanding.

  51. jay says:

    Can you give me an interpretation? Had a disturbing dream last night . It was about my brother-in-law and I fishing. At the end of the day when we finished my brother-in-law just seemed to fall off the stern of the boat and fell in the water and sunk right to bottom and did not come up. It baffled me because we were done for the day and he should not have been on the stern. So many questions it left me wondering when I awakened. Firstly in real life he cannot swim. He seemed that he must have jumped, why didn’t he come back to the surface? Isn’t it usual to come up immediately. Is this a warning dream. Should I tell him about this dream. He is not a Christian.

    • GaryH says:

      In this dream the water represents the world (Romans 12:2 Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is–his good, pleasing and perfect will.) Your brother fell into the water and did not come back up because he has conformed to the pattern of this world. This dream is telling you that your brother needs Jesus and you should share with him the good news of Jesus Christ.

  52. Emma says:

    Hi :). I am so glad you are still checking on this post! I appreciate the time you are taking to help people here, thank you for your genuine care :).
    If you’re able to give any insight into my dream I would be very grateful. I know it is a spiritual dream, and I know it is the Lord who will reveal its meaning to my spirit in his own timing, I trust him. But I know also that Jesus sometimes helps us understand his purposes by leading us to seek in certain places, or through the godly counsel of his people.
    So with that in mind, and my gratitude for any advice you might have, this is my dream … ;
    I am looking at a newborn baby. It is slightly squirmy and grizzly and acts like a normal newborn. I think it’s in either a yellow jumpsuit or blanket. It is a large size for a newborn baby, but is definitely newborn in appearance and behaviour. I am looking directly at the baby, and see it throw up a little bit of smelly milk. Somehow (I am unsure how, that part is not in my dream), the baby’s vomit is in my mouth and I have to swallow it. It tastes gross (like off milk) but I reconcile in my mind in the dream that even though it’s disgusting, it is actually in fact only harmless milk that has gone a bit off. So I tell myself it can’t actually hurt me, and just not to think about the grossness of it and swallow it because it’s only milk and its ok. Then I woke up.
    Weird I know 🙂 I’d love to hear your thoughts on it if you have any! Blessings in the Lord. Emma 🙂

  53. ARRIANE says:

    hi pls pray for me.. i had a dream that i was about to be bitten/devoured by a big snake! what coul that mean?? I am afraid because every time i will have a dream of snakes, somebody will get sick, will die or someone will betray me.. thanks God Bless

  54. Anastacia says:

    Hi there my mom had a dream about my brother talking to himself in the morning hours and he climbs in the wardrobe looking for a man, then my grandmother calls her and tells her to see that he vomitted a black snake. what can this dream mean?

  55. Christopher says:

    I dreamt of eating corn with an old good friend. In a ddition, to that I saw lots of my old school friends both secondary and undergraduate friends. The one I ate corn with I saw once in a while with the brother. I don’t understand

  56. Jennifer G. says:

    The dream 08/25/2014
    The dream and visions I received this night was from The Holy Spirit. There were 2 parts to this dream, but the 2 parts are in tune to one another. When I woke up, I felt the same urgency in my spirit that I had from the other dream. We need to pray!
    I was walking through a house, my house. But it was not the physical home I live in now. The house was damaged. The walls were charred and there were holes in the walls, ceilings and floors. Windows were busted out and there was smoke damage everywhere. Everything was black. As I walked through the house, I went to the master bedroom. There I saw a hole in the wall above the bed. The hole had ice in it but there was a medium sized opening in the middle. The air coming through that hole was rigid, very cold, the kind of cold that chills a person to the bones. I found a pillow and stuffed it into this hole to keep out the cold.
    As I left the bedroom and started walking down the hallway, I noticed a television hanging through a hole in the ceiling. It was hanging by the cord and there were small fires and smoke coming from the television. As I was looking up, the television fell to the floor in front of me.
    As I walked further, I came across a transistor television/radio. The screen was snow. No news broadcast came across the radio at all. There was a dead silence in the media world.
    As I walked further to the back of the house, I saw 2 little dark haired girls. They were about 3 and 5. I had never seen these children before and they were strangers to me. I felt that they were in danger. I had to hide them! I took them to the back of the house to a small room and there was a built in toy chest. I put the 2 little girls in there and told them to be very quiet. They were not frightened of me, but they were scared. I knew I had to protect them at all cost.
    This is where the dream splits….I was driving North on 51 heading towards Assumption when up in the sky I saw storm clouds like I had never seen before. They were thick and greyish in color. I knew I could not breathe in these clouds. Then I saw flashes of light coming from the same place the clouds were at. It was not like any lightning I had ever seen….it was much bigger and was like a camera flash in front of my face, then came the thunder. This thunder was loud and roared like nothing I have ever heard. As the thunder roared, the clouds were rolling as if in fast forward motion in a movie. The clouds were rolling like ocean waves and the light was coming with them. I turned left off of the highway to head to my home to check on my family.
    When I woke up, I immediately began to pray and was puzzled by this dream. As I prayed, the Holy Spirit started to interpret this dream for me….the interpretation is as follows:
    The home in my dream signifies where I live. I live in central Illinois which is part of the heartland of America.
    The hole in the bedroom wall where there was ice and cold, cold wind I believe signifies a season or time, winter. It is planned for a time that would leave most people defenseless.
    The television that fell from the celling I believe has 2 meanings…the beheading of Americans and Christians…and the death of truth in the media. The television was burning because there will be no media to turn to for answers. We must not put our trust in the media. We must put our trust in God.
    Again, the transistor television I had come across had no picture or sound, nothing but silence. I believe this signifies again that truth in the media is dead. We must put our trust in God and His word.
    The 2 little girls in my dream signify children. Our children are going to be attacked. I believe this will take place at schools and daycares. We must protect our children. The Holy Spirit shared with me that this attacker is very much into preserving their future generations or seeds to rise up more Muslims. The one thing that would destroy America is to wipe out our future generations, to kill our children, wipe out our seeds. We must protect our children at all cost and pray without ceasing.
    The storm in my dream I believe signifies a bombing. The storm and the fire damaged home is a bomb, a bomb so catastrophic that the damage is unimaginable. Everything in its path and surrounding area was destroyed! This bomb will be like nothing the United States has ever seen on this land. It will be bigger than what took place on 911. I believe the reason the heartland will be targeted is to separate the East from the West. With this kind of separation, we will have parts of our country left defenseless.
    The Holy Spirit said to me…”do not be afraid”. No fear. You must pray and rise up to the calling. I have always felt that I was a warrior, called by God to go to the front lines of battle. I have had 2 dreams now and both dreams left me with a sense of urgency. God is saying do not fear…I’ve told you these things so you can pray against them!
    I don’t know who I’m supposed to share this with, but I believe the Holy Spirit will let me know. I fall on my face to the God of mercy and stand on the promises of GOD Himself to intercede on behalf of America and our children!

  57. Cee says:

    Dear Gary

    I have had recurrent dreams of seeing someone being beaten by a mob in my dreams. Today I saw another being beaten by a police mob to death. The other police who where around went on with their business not caring to save this man. I was so disturbed emotionally and woke up with a sick feeling. What could this mean.



  58. Marie says:

    Hmmm..i felt that’s what God was trying to tell me. That I’m not ready, but also I was thinking of buying new shoes in case I didn’t find my boots at Disneyland.

  59. Cher says:

    Just woke from a strange dream. Tonight before bed I was reading the book of Isaiah. I prayed before reading that God would give me his eyes while I read and to have mercy on me. I’m really working on my relationship with Him, not just my religion but relationship with Him. My dream was strange. At first I felt safe, I was in some kind of line with a bunch of other people. Someone came up behind me giving me advice, a guide of some sort. I don’t remember any of the words but remember feeling relaxed, comfortable and safe. This guide was assuring me that everything was normal an ok. I thought my bed was in my childhood home. My guide turned me around to face a closet. In the dream my bed began to shake and I felt scared. My guide told me I must go back in the closet but her voice turned scary and I felt frightened. I wanted to go in but I was too scared. When I awoke I actually felt scared. Before this guide turned me around to face the scary closet, she told me something about the book of Romans. She even gave me a chapter, but I can’t remember which one. This is so weird. I’ve never had this dream before. I’ve never commented on any site before. For some reason this site popped up and it felt safe. I will pray on this.

  60. Joseph Ochoa says:

    Hello Gary,
    My name is Joseph and I am deaf. My daughter died in 1996 and ever since, I only have three dreams of my baby girl who died at the age of 1 year, 2 months, 2 weeks, one hour and 47 minutes. The first dream was in 1996, after her death was that she was handed to her mother’s mother and my baby was crying hysterically which I told her it’s okay and then I woke up. Ever since I have not had a dream of her until 2015 and the second dream was that she was happy and giggling while we played and she pooped and then I had to change her diaper, then after her changed diapers, she fell asleep peacefully. Then on the third dream which happened several days ago and that was a disturbing and odd dream. In the dream I was on a school bus, a long school bus and I walked up to the window of the bus from the inside. I was just swiping the window as if it was an iPad then I saw a driver and another man, it was a fuzzy image a blonde lady, seems to resemble my separated wife and then I ignored the scene and went back to swapping on the window. As a deaf person, I was born deaf, from Warrdenberg Syndrome. And for the very first time, I heard a baby crying, then I turned my head around to locate where the crying was from, it was my baby girl and I recognized her cry which I find that odd because it’s the first time I actually heard a cry from a dream. Then I turned to look at the driver which the driver is now alone, started the bus and I looked at my baby girl crying in her car seat then I woke up very much wide awake… I am wondering what is that supposed to mean? I have three children age of 15, 12, and 6 and yes, from a different mother who is now my separated wife. Please help me understand this. Thank you

    • GaryH says:

      Hi Joseph, Thanks for visiting my site. I’m not sure what exactly these dreams mean. What I can say however, is that you’ll be reunited with your baby in heaven and that when you get there, you’ll be able to hear her voice perfectly. As for this dream…I can only suggest that you continue to ask Jesus for its meaning. Perhaps He will reveal it to you.

  61. Bright says:

    Good day. Thank you for this website God is indeed working in you….. I would love to know the meaning of this dream please… I was In an empty room with a snake on the floor talking to me . the words I cannot quite remember but it seemed like he was going against God . They way it spoke It was as if it wanted to bite me … it quickly glide like behind me. Only to find out that there was a l Iizard . It was called Peter and it represented peter in the Bible . It said I will show God who he was. He started swallowing Peter from the tail , as I watched the snake swallow Peter the lizard. I hoped and I was certain that God would save Peter since he was one of his true believers who was sensitiv3 to the holy spirit. But the snake ended up swallowing Peter the Lizard. .. it turned then viciously stared at me then I woke up with fear! Please I am a bit terrified by it! I prayed for it and I read the Bible and it took me to peters promise from Jesus! Which made me bit more confused why would he eat hi km if God promised him that upon him he shall build a church and that the gates of heides shall not comee against it. And that he shall be given the the keys of heavens gates! Please help.

    • GaryH says:

      This is very interesting. I’m not sure what it means. I can only suggest that you continue to pray about it and perhaps God will give you understanding.

  62. Katy2 says:

    I enjoy this site. You are right about not going to these dream sites on-line. Dreams from God are personal. I can sometimes understand the symbolic meaning. Sometimes not. I had a dream of a plastic shopping bag filled with jugs, bottle, they were full of hydrating liquid like one could drink. The bag was tied. I understand about water….but it’s more in depth than that I think.

  63. Blessing says:

    Thank u for this, I had a dream were I saw some fishes in a fresh water stream, as I was bussy admiring the beautiful fishes a boy was busy urinating inside the stream from the angle were the fish was, but the fish was not scared, I letter saw myself inside the stream traying to catch some fish. The only scripture that comes to my mind is when Jesus feed people with fish and when he ask peter to throw his net in the river, pls help me

    • GaryH says:

      Well, I have heard it said that when you dream about urinating or defecating, it symbolizes removing of sin from your body (I don’t have any scripture to back that up). A stream of water, however, can symbolize the Holy Spirit.

      Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, ‘Out of his heart will flow rivers of living water. John 7:38.

      As for the fish, I am not sure. But continue to pray to Jesus about the meaning of this dream and perhaps you will be given more understanding.

  64. Nadia Elliott says:

    good evening,
    I was looking for some insight into a dream I and last night and I came upon your post. I had a dream that I was at a particular place and a lady came and spread out a sheet with a lot of shoes on it and she was telling me to just try on and take what can fit me..some did and some did not. Can you assist me please?

  65. Ann says:

    please can you help me interpret my dream l had it twice
    l saw myself eating meat in my dream l think it was cooked not raw with the second dream when l woke up l felt the meat in my body toward the neck area l felt like it was not properly digested like when you eat food and you have to swallow it down to digest properly and the funny thing is that l have been praying very hard lately!!

  66. Lillian says:

    Thank you so much for this site. I had a dream where I entered a big shoe store, there were lots of ladies shoes there I even saw one of my old shoe but I couldn’t find the type of shoe I was looking for. Another dream, I was looking for an ATM machine so as to cash some money. After a long search I found one but when it was my turn to cash I realised I had the same amount I wanted to cash in my bag but it was for future expenses so i decided not to cash money from the ATM so as to use the money in my bag for the urgent expenses and cash the one in my bank account later when am ready for the future expenses. Please Sir, what does these dreams mean.

  67. betty says:

    Please av been disturbed ever since I heard this dream,i dreamt of my late brother, instructing me to make bread and egg for people sitted around in the dream that he will pay me,after accepting I will,i woke immediately,please help me to interprete as av been disturbed since then.

  68. Nyasha says:

    Hie Gary.I had a strange dream last and my dad were walking on our farm and we were discussing about harvesting our crops.there were so so many huge and very green maize cobs.that WS the end of it.thy we scattered everywhere then in a few minutes l saw myself at a till in that farm.I think I was the cashier .can’t remember that cashier part.I’m still confused.dnt even know how to interpret the dream

  69. Shola says:

    I had a dream that I joined a group of people who are youths and we were practicing songs n it was like a choir practice. It appeared I was a new member . After d practice I saw a guy sharing some envelopes with names on each. Every body were all around him struggling to get theirs. But I stood calm n aside probably cos I was new. Suddenly d guy share g d envelopes noticed me n I asked for mine . But he said ‘the boy didn’t include your name in d list’ I started asking why he didnt…probably cos I’m new or what n stuffs like dat. But he didn’t give me an answer but continued with what he was doing. I didn’t know who he was referring to as ‘the boy’ I also noticed I was wearing a pair of shoes which looked like a male’s.

  70. Rengma says:

    Hi gary, i ws thinking of asking my pastor how to hear God voice n wen i google about dream interpretation i just found out your website hearing God voice, m a prety amazed how God brought me to your website i feel like God want you to intrepret my dream n about the dream which u intrepreted i had this dream where i cant find my shoes , God spoke to me through the verse dat we should be wear the full armor of God to stand against the devil schemes , frankly speaking i dont spend quality time with Lord which is reading the word of God, many a times i am not ready to stand against the devil schemes may be becuse i dont spent time with lord , i am easily deceived into the hands of enemy , i very much thankful to God for speaking to me that i should spent quality time with lord to stand firm so that i dont fall ,he speaks becuse he want us to be careful becuse we r walking in him n i m a believer i reli love God n also i want to share about dis dream i dreamt last week i saw i was wearing shocks with wood worms around my leg it bite me ,pls help me intreprte

    • GaryH says:

      I’m glad that this article was helpful to you. Thank you for visiting my site. I’m sorry, however, that I don’t know the meaning of your dream containing wood worms.

  71. Jeny says:

    Praise the lord . I had 3 dreams on 3 consecutive days. First day it was like i lost the key as it got slipped into toilet and second day it was like i lost my slippers and i was searching for it continuously and third day , there was a lioness and 3 cubs sitting on the banks of river. a crocodile comes near and kills the cub where as already other 2 cubs r floating dead killed by the crocodile, the lioness could not do anything.

  72. Gladys Patricia Wambui says:

    hi. I am a kenyan. I dream alot but sometimes cant make head or tail about this dreams. I really desire to get marriade but the dreams i had awhile ago scared me. The 1st i had:
    I had old silver shoes and a faded white wedding gown when i was getting marriade in church. My former pastor marriade me to a man without a face. I looked pathetic sad!
    The 2nd i had
    i was supposed to be marriade on a weekend but i couldnt find the route to the church and my mum got tired of searching and went back home.
    The third i had
    A woman i dont know came and said to me that by the end of the week i will get marriade to a man whom i didnt know.then i asked her if they will giue dowry for me,but she ignored my question.then the dream ended.
    Am 41yrs with an 18yrold son.and i have God’s promise to have a husband and children. I still believe. How? I have no idea… Kindly comment and pray for the good and right man to come in our live am born again. God bless you. Thankyou

  73. chima wilson says:

    thanks dear, meanwhile i really need an answer to this question; i had a dream where i was force to drink a substance and in that dream i was made to understand that those people that asked to me to took the substance belong to a secret society and not my saviour Jesus Christ and when i woke up, immediately i prayed and drank an annointing oil(the blood of Jesus) in my house and i thank God for deliverance. Now i want to know your candid advise and also to pray for me in this regard. thanks

  74. Sandra says:

    Good to use this site. The mother of my friend who wants to marry a girl dreamt where her son was eating bitter kola. What’s the interpretation please?

  75. Patricia says:

    Hello, Blessings. I dreamt my mother and I (my mother is deceased) go shoe shopping for me. She goes to sit down. I take my shoes off, I put on a pair that are yellow.The left one is a little big. I reach for my shoes and they’re gone. A black man sees this and tells me to take the yellow ones, but I want my shoes! I run all over looking for a good pair of shoes to buy. I walk into a huge room of armchairs. Huge room and it’s a dark room. I call mama? A few heads raise up, but my Mama isn’t there. I’ve lost my shoes and my mama is gone. I’m wearing an ill-fitting pair of shoes. I woke up very disturbed.

  76. Lillian says:

    Good day Sir,
    I always have dream where am carrying a baby boy dressed in white cloth. The last one I saw myself admiring a baby white cloth. Pls what does it mean?

  77. Pat says:

    Thank you for your article. I too was one that searched the internet to help with interpreting Dreams. I would like your thoughts on a dream. I’ve been in emotional turmoil a little longer than a month.
    My dream- I was on a rope that was hanging from the sky. I could feel that someone beside me. I also could feel that it was someone that I didn’t want to see. When I turned to look to see who was beside me, it was a zombie. The zombie wasn’t trying to get me but he was moving his mouth. Like open and close. I realized I couldn’t go anywhere or I would’ve moved away from the zombie. The sky was clear. I could see the clouds. Yet I knew to stay still so I wouldn’t fall.

  78. Esther Idachaba says:

    Good morning mr GaryH,am happy to come across dis site, I Had a dream about many fish in a closet trying to escape but I tried not to let dem go out of d closet,if any one fall down i’ll pick it n return it. What does dis dream signify please. Tnx

  79. Ivonne says:

    Thank you really for your article it make sense to me. I know this days I have been very distant and tired to pray or to read the Word of God with all of my heart although that I have been seeking God with all of my heart and really want God to use me. And always before I sleep and in the morning when I woke up I put the whole armor of God but most of the time I will forget to put on the shoes of the preparation of the gospel of peace until today I had this dream of wearing beautiful gold sandals walking around in town. But somehow the other people ask me why I am barefoot. I was like I cant even feel that I am walking barefoot cause I have a very sensitive feet that could not stand walking without shoes but I do not know why cause I am comfortable like I am wearing shoes. When I looked at my own feet it was like somehow I had spiritual shoes on me although in the natural I had no shoes. Then I started looking for my shoes because I was worried that they were new and beautiful, going back to all the places I were before in town including the restaurant where I eat but couldn’t find my shoes. My cousin and her two daughters who are also born again were helping me to find my shoes but couldn’t find them. So we decided to go to their house as I could not travel to where I was suppose to go because of the shoes that is lost. They offered me a place to sleep however we were 5 people who have to share the bed. I was leaning on a white pillow and while sleeping, one of my cousin’s daughter stood up and go to the head of the bed and find my shoes under one of her sisters pillow she was sleeping on. They were like together on top of one another and she gave them to me. I told her that immediately you lift up the pillow I knew because it was like the Spirit told me that my shoes were there and the dream ends. Very interesting that I happen to find my beautiful shoes though, before the dream ends.

  80. Zahara says:

    I dreamt that I was moving and I had to find my shoes that were mates to pairs I already had…I couldn’t find them. Then down the way I spottedyouth skateboarding in this railroad kind of cave like area…it was very dark or negative feeling..all of a sudden one male started walking toward me with malicious intent. He had a revolver he banged on my head, (I could feel it hit my head very realistically. I called out for Jesus three times..and was able to wake up. But I was very troubled for a long time after. I sang to the Lord until I was able to sleep.

  81. AMADI PAUL says:

    Dear sir,
    Am so grateful to find you and your wisdom is indeed a blessing to me.

    I had a dream some weeks ago. In that dream, i walked under a big tree with many branches and birds eggs were scattered everywhere both good and bad once, but i saw myself picking the good once with different colors.
    Since then i have been so worried about the meaning of such strange dream.

    Please can you help me for its meaning,
    Thanks and God bless you.

  82. Deb says:

    I dreamt I was working at a different place. At one point I went to get my purse and it felt to light, my wallet was missing. I went to the glassed in office to ask if anyone had turned it in. At first the woman said no then lifted it up. Her and another woman in the glassed in office were laughing and wouldn’t give it back. I went after her and we had a physical altercation. I wasn’t hurt but someone came along so I had to leave for a bit. I walked down a sidewalk past a dark and gloomy house with a man on the porch. After I passed I realized I had to go back for my wallet. As I approached that house again the thought of voo doo crossed my mind. I had to walk back by to get where I was going and the person the porch was hollering at me, I ignored him and kept walking..there was a wire above and somehow I managed to springboard off of it. I went back to where I started and when I walked in people asked what I was doing there. I told them I was there to get my wallet back and wasn’t leaving without it. I did get wallet back. Then I woke up

  83. Sandra says:

    Good day Gary
    I thank you very much for this blog I was looking for answers in my dream and I happen to find this Christian blog.
    On the 23rd of June 2016 Dreamed of a man in my house looking up the ceiling making a quotation of in stalling a skylark in the passage. I ask the man the price of installation I then said it is going to cost me 20 to 25 thousand rands and he answered saying it is more that the said amount it is 60gran.
    29 June 2016
    I heard God’s voice on my ears it was a very deeeep!!! voice like a lighting thunder calling my son’s voice saying Shawn!!!!Shawn!!!!Shawn!!! I immediately called my family that we must pray and ask mercy from God because I knew that he was angry to my son he disobey me and we fasted for 3days.
    3rd July 2016
    Dreamed of a Lion roaming around the house and it was peaceful.
    6th July 2016
    Dreamed of a woman stole my 2 pairs of shoes the other pair is Yellow and the other one is red. please advice is God talking to me. I am afraid of God I don’t want to be on the wrong side still growing in Christianity , This time God was not specific this is for the 3rd time I hear the voice of God the 1st time he came to me he said I am a woman of God and the 2nd time I hear his voice it was when my father in sick and in death bed praying a salvation prayer for my father and he passed on. and the very day after his burial and 12midnite the deep voice came and said to me I am a woman of God!!!! I am still growing in Christianity.

  84. Nomnom says:

    Last night i dreamt seeing 3 babies lying with the backs in a gutter full of dirty staff and water, they were covered with water but i noticed that they were still breathing

  85. Christopher David says:

    Hi Gary

    I appreciate your description on interpretation of dreams. I was wondering of you Can help me. I had a dream last night that I am passing through a dry lake with thousands of dead snake in it. What does it mean?


  86. Geeta says:

    Dear GaryH,
    I just had a bad dream and im looking for answers. Please help. My mother my brother and I were in a room praying for me to become pregnant. (in real life my husband and I are praying for this) A rush of wind came into the room. The hairs on my head were standing straight up and out some towards the ceiling. It was such a weird feeling. We were not sure if it was God. Then I was scared and started praying in tongues and saying Jesus Christ. And trying to sing hallelujah song so it will really be God and not demonic. Then I was impregnated. My stomach poked forward. My brother said. How do you know this is God? I said I dont but lets sing Praise song so maybe God will come. And I was slowing going down on my knees trying to praise God. This is so shameful. I feel as if God is telling me that I am not serving him. I really appreciate what you say. Please help me Sir.
    Geeta Deby

  87. Lynette says:

    My marriage is not good my husband want to divorce believing that I have someone else which is not true. We are staying in one house but seperate rooms. My daughter 9 years old are sleeping with me.
    I dream of someone told me he is seeing someone every day for half an hour. Also dream that he went to talk to someone with black hair and a beard and tell him the whole story.
    Dream that Im standing on a bridge and want to jump off but cannot see whats in the water. I walk a little further and I can see clear through the water that theres a rock but I didnt jump. Walk from there to a farm sort of place the house has only 2 rooms with single beds. Again I saw a man with dark hair on his cellphone on the bed. Know his name but do not know him personally. I came out of the one room and see that its filled with smoke and realise then its the generator that start. I walk out and there is a truck pulling in with chicks on it thats eating. There were a little girl about 2 years old with brown curly hair and I wanted to show her the chicks she came from behind the truck with a while lamb in her arms.

  88. Melinda Sykes says:

    Hi Gary,
    Thank you for your site. Thank you for balanced and humble approach in responding to people’s request for help.

    I have 3 instances that I’d like to hear your thoughts on.
    Before I share them, I want to say I have prayed for God to help me understand what I experienced. I Googled Christian dream interpretation and interpreter and after going through many generic approaches, I came upon your sit and I think you may be able to help.

    The first instance I’m mostly seeking confirmation of my understanding.
    1. One night while praying for everyone I know and everyone in the world as I was impressed to pray (I tend to pray with my eyes closed as not to be distracted by objects in the room). After some time and still praying, eyes closed, in my peripheral vision (my minds eye so to speak) I see a grotesque, shriveled up, charred demon creature with 2 white (as sun bleached bones) horns in it’s head, mouth full of white (as the horns) sharp teeth and big eyes (dark pupils with red irises but white parts of the eye like humans have. It was floating in darkness yet I could see it as if it was lit up by a bright light. It looked defeated as if the wind had been knocked out o it or it was dealt a deadly blow that hurled it far into the darkness.
    I had no fear and I didn’t even stop praying.

    2. I was dreaming that I had moved to a new apartment. I had fallen asleep on the couch and when I awoke a man I used to date was sitting at my kitchen table. I was confused to see him there as I had not told him where I move to and he certainly didn’t have a key. Although it looked like him it didn’t feel like it was him. I spoke to him but he did not respond. He got up from the table and picked up a satchel like briefcase and walked out the door. I followed and he said to me you have nice neighbors. As he went down the stairs I asked if he would be back. He didn’t respond and I watched him get into a white work truck with blue writing on it. I went back into the apartment and saw that he had left something behind. I went into the bedroom and saw a belt sticking out from under the bed as I went to get it I heard something move under the bed. I was trying to get to whatever it was but couldn’t. I woke myself up calling out Jesus and I was rebuking something.

    3. I dreamed that I was in this very bright white room or house. everything was bright white even outside. Yet you could see the outlines of an open door to the outside and the outline of a tree trunk and branches. I was lying on a pillow reading a small book. Although I couldn’t see the dog I felt the presence of a small dog laying beside me. There was a man there that seemed to be my Dad but I knew he was not my Dad and he didn’t dress like my Dad. Everything was so bright white they only color of clothing I could see on him was a Salomon orange colored sweater. My Dad would never wear such a color let alone a sweater. He was standing at the open door with his arm stretched up and his hand resting on the door jamb looking outward like he was waiting. I was looking out the door and all of a sudden there was a white wolf with blue eyes lying on a rock that was slightly raised out of the ground. Just resting there no aggression. I wasn’t afraid, only surprised and thought it odd the small wasn’t barking. I called out to the man who seemed to be my Dad but wasn’t. Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad and he said in a minute. My Dad has never responded like that. I called out again incessantly Dad Dad then by his first name Harold Harold and then by his middle name Roger Roger but he wouldn’t acknowledge me. Then I took the small book in my hand and threw it at him. Then I woke up and could tell I was calling out audibly, not just in my dream.
    I usually read or listen to the Bible on my phone which is like a small book.the night of this dream I had fallen asleep listening to the The Book of Enoch, which I have done before and had no dreams.
    Years ago after my mother passed, I was tormented with lying dreams that she was alive even the lying spirit pretending to be her was saying that she didn’t die. You name it I was tormented with lie after lie by a spirit pretending to be her. Would even behave like her but would change to something evil.
    I would appreciate your thoughts on these 3 instances.


    • GaryH says:

      Hi Melinda, Sorry it takes so long to get back to you, I get thousands of emails. The first dream you mentioned reminds me of Satan. He was defeated by Christ and no has no power over those who are filled with the Holy Spirit. The wind has been knocked out him, as you saw in your dream.

      As for the other two dreams I’m not sure of their meaning, but wouldn’t be overly concerned about it.

  89. Rubystarling says:

    I have had a dream of a whale flipping in the skies.i don’t know what is the same dream i saw few men carving a structure it was in a big circle with trees in it and deers and men carved in that circle and once the men had done their job they just pushed that circle to a side and it moved so swiftly as if there were wheels below the circle structure and it went and fixed itself to a place and there was a stairway nearby where i walked downwards but realised darkness down so i looked up again from where i came down and the place was shut still i climbed up to escape and someone was entering downwards and the door opened and i managed to escape out.throughout this dream i felt amazing but a feeling of fear as well.i don’t know what this dream means can u help me?

  90. Mar says:

    Hi Gary. I had a dream that I was being attacked by monkeys and they were fierce but there were a lot of other people around me but the were only coming at me. What can this mean?

  91. Shanthala says:

    Hi Gary
    I dreamt I was driving a big bus alone . I reach a junction and not able to apply brakes so I collide with another bus full of people. That bus gets on to the footpath and stops I am on my feet to see if it is damaged. I don’t see any damage and as I try to move away I realize that the people in the bus are leaning on my shoulder and will collapse if I move out. What does that mean? I think it is about my workplace, I don’t understand. I want a Christian interpretation

  92. Sandra says:

    Hi, would truly appreciate your guidance on this dream. God has spoken to me a lot through dreams since the time I’ve come to know him in the last few years. However I believe this one is for me to understand a critical step and decision in my life.

    I saw that the sea or river has crossed it’s shore and the water is all over the place. There are rocks in under the water. I have to cross this to go to the other side. There are many people who are crossing as well and struggling. I see that along with me I have my ex boyfriend – “he has been saying since a long time that we should get married but I’ve been waiting on the Lord”.We both are crossing it together and I feel like am 7-8 months pregnant. There are many rocks beneath the water and I need to be careful . But for some reason I am not able to feel any rocks beneath my feet and I feel like my feet are just sweeping across the water smoothly. As we reach the end, I realise that the reason I could feel no rocks beneath was because I was being carried by my boyfriend and after we reach the end, he sets me down on the land and am so shocked to have realised this. He just smiles at me and am wondering how could he do this, I am heavy and pregnant and yet he could carry me so effortlessly. It was an amazing feeling. As I woke up, I got to know that he had a dream about us as well the same night and in which he sawvthatbwevwere living on a beach and I drag him out for shopping but we find nothing after walking a very long distance on the beach, we come so far that we decide its better to stay the night on the beach since it will be too far to go back and we were tired. He starts making a house or tent to stay, catches fish, makes fire and cooks it and am just helping him through all this as he works it out. We spend the night there and return the next day.

    Am really seeking God and praying about us because I’m a divorcee with a child before I knew the Lord and unable to decide.

    Thank you very much for spending the time to go through this .

    • GaryH says:

      Sandra, thanks for emailing me, and thank you for visiting my website. I don’t know what your dream means but continue to seek God, because He said, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. (Mark 11:24)

  93. Bekezela Monalisa says:

    Hello I had a dream where I saw myself at church I saw that I was carrying the white garment of my prophet what does this mean?

  94. Naomi says:

    Hi Gary,

    Thank you for your post. I was wondering if maybe you can help me interpret a dream?

    In my dream I was in my room that I share with my sister, she was asleep and I was getting ready for bed. My mother and her partner were awake across the hall. I was about to go to sleep when I got a sharp pain in my chest and felt terrified, turned and I saw a shadowed figure with a hood standing in front of my sister’s closet, which is located across the room in front of my bed (I knew it was a demon). I tried to call out to my mom but my throat became dry and it really hurt and oohing came out but noises and attempted words. I kept looking back at my sister, scared she was seeing this too but she was still asleep. I forced myself to get up from my bed and go to my mom’s room, once I left the room I remember being scared for my sister. I told her what I saw and she said “I don’t know how you came, I would be scared” (which isn’t typical of my mom, she would be telling me to pray and rebuke the demon in the name of jesus christ) the last thing I said to my mom before waking up was “please mom help, Andrea is in there, I’m scared for her” I woke up feeling just as terrified and it was 3:30 am. I’m not sure what this could mean.

  95. Donna Brodber says:

    Hi Gary,
    I just read your article, and as a woman of God, agree entirely that our dreams are unique to us and that they are one way in which God speaks to us.So I tend to take them seriously and have been keeping a dream journal. i am eager for interpretation on this one, so I hope you can help.
    Just before waking this morning, I dreamt that a childhood friend who has held a grudge against me for years ( we haven’t spoken in about 15 years) came to my home unexpectedly one day. She was accompanied by 2 other women; one young and another mature. My friend was dressed in off-white clothes, with thick neck scarves, which was unusual for the hot weather. She appeared sad. She stretched out her hand to shake mine and instead I grabbed and hugged her. I invited the women to come inside, but before doing so, my friend finished drinking a glass of water and placed the empty glass on a high shelf.
    What do you think this means?
    May God continue to reveal His truth through you.

  96. Felicia says:

    Hi Gary, I find your interpretation about dreaming really sensible. The best is to pray and you are right.
    I had a disturbing dream today which I got bitten in the left knee by a huge brown dog after sniffing me in my car and he owner just stood there and allowed. In the dream my husband got out of the car and that’s when it happened and I couldn’t shout for my husband and the pain was so intense it woke me up. I prayed immediately but can you help me if any bible verses to explain this or do you have any idea what this dream might mean
    My name is felicia

  97. Jennifer says:

    Hi Gary,
    Let me know if you have any Biblical insight for me. I realize you have many posts. In my dream, my husband is driving and he goes off a bridge. I am in the passenger seat. My initial thought is shock but then I have us all (2 daughters in the back of the van) bring our hands together and pray. I am fairly calm and trust for God to intervene. I just didn’t know if you thought it had any bigger meaning, than what it seems…

    • GaryH says:

      Hi Jennifer,
      It doesn’t sound like this dream has special meaning. My guess is that you already pray regularly and that the habit of prayer is coming through in your dreams.

  98. ta says:

    hie Gary
    thank you so much for this message about dreams.i am one person who is so concerned and I believe some dreams they are actually from God and have a hidden meaning. I have several dreams that I had and I dont understand. it will be very helpful if you could help me with the interpretations.
    1) I always dream helping or saving children. at age 14, I was fighting against monsters which had 4 arms and were eating newly born babies..they would wait for a woman to give birth and use a pair of hands to retrieve the baby and another pair to feed themselves.i was holding a sword with both my hands and I was fighting against these that area I was the only one fighting against them.
    2) had a dream in which I find myself in a desert. as I was walking I was not wearing any shoes.i see something that looked like smooth sand dunes and I just thought to myself that there is no problem in walking through it.the moment I stepped on the first sand dune I felt terrible pain.i could feel that pain physically when I was sleeping.i could not get out of that desert nomatter how much I wanted to.i then just woke up because I could not bear the pain.
    3)i dreamt of myself in a bus and then a guy I know told me that we should get out of the bus. I followed him out and we started going in the opposite direction to where the bus was coming from(this guy is somehow a God fearing man). I ended up walking with another guy who is 3 years younger than I am(also God fearing). he told me that he wanted to show me the road which he walked with a good friend (she is a girl and he liked her very much) of his..we walked together and then he held my hand with both his two hands. I felt so good. not romantic in anyway but I was overwhelmed with joy

    and I have a concern ,everytime I dream without shoes I am with a guy and that guy helps me to where I want to go.
    4) had a dream in which i.did not have shoes and the guy makes for me something like a shoe covering from a girl’s clothes so that I wont hurt my feet(the girl seems to like him)..just something temporary to wear.then he also made shoes from a plastic bag when he saw it not appropiate to use someone’s clothes…
    in real life I am 24 year old girl and single. I have never been in a relationship.

  99. Elizabeth David says:

    My husband has 2 daughters with another woman out of wedlock about 30yrs now. We are married for about 6yrs now. I had a dream that the woman and the 2 daughters came to our house and my husband asked her to lie on the bed where I do lie, and asked me to lie on a cushion with humility I did, I woke up for morning devotion with many children including his daughters, but he and the woman refused to join us instead they change the bedroom. I begin with prayer and a voice was raised beyond mine at the back so I turned and light the torchlight and it was the 2nd daughter that was disrupting my prayers, she laughed and stopped but I continued with the prayers. When I opened the devotional the text was not written instead THE TEN COMMANDMENT was written, I asked a pastor coming out of the other bedroom where exactly can I fine it, then I woke up.

    • GaryH says:

      Not sure exactly but to me this sounds like, Satan wants to distract you from prayer and the word of God. Within this dream there seems to be a lot of things happening inside the home that serve to pull you away from your focus on God.

      When you opened the devotional, the text was gone and the ten commandments are there. This could mean that God wants you to spend more time in His word than in the words of devotion writers who themselves need the word of God daily, the same as you do.

      I believe this dream is God wanting you to spend more time with him.

  100. gladys says:

    hi Gary,
    I wanted to know the meaning of a dream that i had last night. My pastor was praying for me and i was asking for deliverance as he kept on praying for me i vomited tadpoles .people around me where acting disgusted but my pastor kept on telling me am free am free. So what is the meaning of that dream?Thank you!God bless u

    • Johnson says:

      Hi Gladys, the dream is self explanatory. The Lord has delivered you and you are free, the tadpoles are demonic Spirits. just thank God and worship Him for delivering you.

  101. ANGELA says:

    Thanks Gary for interprating dreams for us.May God continue using you as we pray diligently to seek his face.My name is Angela and i havd been have bad dreams,eating in the dream,sandal,seeing snakes running but not biting me.what does

  102. Lily says:

    Hi Gary, I had this dream about my husband standing in front of a building and praying with his two hand claps together but couldn’t see who he was praying to. I was hiding and watching him and suddenly he ran and started vomiting. But my dream was cut short when my daughter woke me up. What does this dream mean?

  103. onyinx lilian says:

    Hello GaryH
    I appreciate you for using your God gift to help the people without the gift of interpretation..God richly bless you……
    I had a dream of putting on a white and a touch of blue gown and I was pressed and decided to use the restroom and on getting to the restroom,I urinated on the gown.I went out and washed with water and met a man who told me that he has told me God has a gift he wants to deposite in me and I haven’t met this man before he also said I need to follow some instructions which I can’t recall anymore.
    Please I need an interpretation.
    God bless you and thank you

  104. Mary Pebi says:

    I dreamt that two short snakes were crawling on my husband and son while they laid down. As I tried take the snakes out, one of them crawled into me through the right hand side of my belly .

  105. Rhinnear says:

    Hi Gary, you’re a tool from God. Several years ago I dreamed of Jesus in a lake, just today I seek for its meaning through various websites about lake, water, dock and Jesus. But you, you had me realized that if it’s really a message from God then I should really go back to deeper spiritually through prayer to seek for an answer! It may be a unique message from God, so only God can give us the answer! Thank you so much Gary!

    • GaryH says:

      Hi Rhinnear,
      YES! Good job. you’re on exactly the right track. We each have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and just like having a best friend, we can turn to him and ask for advice.

  106. Erica Smith says:

    Hi Gary,
    Very interesting post, it really helped me to make sense of my dreams.
    I know you’ve helped others with thier dreams, just wanted to ask you about one I had a few weeks ago.
    I dreamt I went into my house abroad and I saw a white mouse on the kitchen floor so I grabbed the raid (insect killer) and sprayed it and it fled, then I saw a small crab so I sprayed it and I saw a large white dog and I chased it out , they both ran through the kitchen door that was left slightly open. I then saw a huge black spider on the kiTchen window so I went over to spray him by the time I went over I saw a young woman standing by the sink then when I looked at the window again the spider was gone, she told be not to bother spraying it. Then I woke up… if you have the time your imput would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you.

    • GaryH says:

      Hi Eric, typically, in the Bible, white represents sinless, (Isaiah 1:18 for example). Not sure why they were being chased from the house. Also not sure what the black spider represents, but the young woman saying not to bother the spider could mean that she is in agreement with what the spider represents. If the spider represents something bad, it could mean that the woman is also bad.

  107. Shauna Dokken says:

    Hi, I had a dream I killed some woman I do not know. Then I hid the knife. It was horrible. I think it maybe symbolic of God killing jealousy.

    I also dreamt God gave me two rings. For some reason I took the left side that seemed more appealing, but then it turned into the lion with ruby ring I gifted my x-husband. Some other woman was going to steal my ring cause I was decieved. But then I went to the owner/God and said I was decieved I would never pick my x-husband cause he was very abusive. Then the owner/God said because of “ribbons” I have my ring from the owner.

  108. Johnson says:

    Hi Gary, i had a dream that i was walking down a straight path with a pair of sandal like slippers and one of the sandals wasn’t in a perfect condition but the other was good and while i was walking i discovered i had lost my sandals and couldn’t find them so i went back looking for them but was only able to find one of the sandals and i put it on. after i had put it on, i came across a Christian lady that was a catholic and she was telling me that she prays for people and they get healed so i also told her that i also pray for people and they get healed too so i woke up. please is there anything the Holy Spirit is dropping in your heart concerning this dream? God bless you

    • GaryH says:

      Hi. thank you for visiting my website. Please read Ephesians 6:15. A dream about searching for shoes is God telling you that you need to spend more time in the gospel of peace, meaning the Bible. God has written you a letter and He wants you to spend quality and quantity time reading and studying it. As for the part of dream regarding praying and healing, I don’t know what that means except that it’s always very good when we take the time to pray for those who need healing.

  109. Jean Marc Doufta says:

    Hi Gary,
    Your post of July 16 seems to have answered a dream I wanted to share. Please here is my dream and I need help in interpretation. In the dream, there was a man of God, an Apostle who is in the healing and delivrance ministry. He is also into prophetic ministry. In that dream, the apostle was in a football team with one other person I don’t remember. He called me to join his football team but my feet hadn’t any shoes. I couldn’t go to the field and play with him.
    Please, what can this dream mean for me? Thanks alot for your help and may God bless you !

  110. Jessica says:

    Hi Mr GaryH help me about my dream last 2 days I saw a vision dream at the offices where my husband is working at the back of it the was a heavy rain but where I was it was not raining after that I saw a woman was inside the pit another one was drowning inside dirty water then after I woke up

  111. Audrey Khumalo says:

    Thanks Gary,
    Ive been having this strange dream i dreamed myself im about to get married , firstly i dreamed wearing a white dress but i dont have shoes to match my dress in three occasion and now its worrying me i cant have the same dream in three occasion do you think you can help me to interpret my dream

  112. BenjyK says:

    Hi Garry,
    I had a dream that i was due to take a chemistry exam that i dreaded and knew i was not prepared for. by the way, there is no way i’m ever going to take a chemistry exam. I studied chem in high school and I have long gone on to get a PhD in something else. but this setting had a high school feel to it. It was a lab based exam and there were so many of us in a hall. Turned out they’d have us do the exam in batches. The first batch was already assigned to the chemistry lab i could see them doing the experiments and i could see all the lab technologies and activities. But i saw that where we (the waiting group) were and where the lab was was separated by a river/stream. Then i saw what looked like sharks – many of them swimming in the same direction. The thing is that the sharks didn’t look like real – they were like paper-made or something toy-like and yet they kept swimming past like real sharks. I was the least bothered by them. i was more concerned with the fear of the exam. Then finally, i mustered courage got up and walked out the hall with the firm decision that i was not going to take the exam. I do see a lot and have these prophetic visions. sometimes i understand, other times, i don’t – like this one. can you help.

    • GaryH says:

      Hi Ben,
      Thanks for visiting my site. I’m not sure what this dream means. But pray about it. If you don’t hear from the Lord about it, then I wouldn’t worry about understanding the meaning.

  113. Michelle says:

    The past couple of years have been rough for my family I lost my sister to breast cancer in September of 2016, my son had been struggling with drug addiction ( he’s doing fantastic now )in and out of courts in jail a couple times , and I have been dealing with elder care issues so overall overwhelmed with life and taking care of my family. I had a dream a few weeks ago I was crossing a bridge in my car, across a familiar River in my life but there was no water, it looked like it was around nights because it was somewhat dark everything was all dried up at the bottom I could see a lot of old things at the bottom of the river old furniture, antiques, ect. Trying to remember but I think I saw the head of the Statue of Liberty.. when I got to the other side of the bridge all of the sudden from the side of the river ( the way that they are water jets that push out water on the inside of a pool) in l water started gushing out then I woke up.

  114. Tanesha says:

    I had a dream that I was in triathlon and had a rough start. Almost gave up but decided to keep going even if I was in last place. Then I stopped to go to the bathroom and started pulling snot out of my nose that was a few feet long. Then at some point I was pulling something long from my heel and finally when I got it all the way out, their was a rotten tooth pick at the end of it. Just very strange and was wondering what it could mean

    • Jerwin says:

      The Lord is probably telling you not to give up in your walk even if things are not getting along or you’re not making any progress. Bathroom represents cleansing or repentance or confession of sins. Maybe the Lord wants to get rid of something in your life. It could be hindering you from making progress.

      It all boils down to seeking Him more and being more dependent on Him.

  115. sahran odom says:

    Hello, I’ve had for the past 2 months dreams about my tuxedo cat that I know are significate..
    1st dream…my cat was in the kitchen relaxed, surrounded by 4 large black rats, they werent attacking him ,just laying there ..I wasn’t terrified but I didn’t want to go near them
    2nd dream, maybe two weeks cat was chasing the rats, I noticed a brown one..then I see my cat and another that look just like her, like a twin, then a thiRd cat but it was brown..they were walking in a line
    3rd dream about 2 weeks later..there was more to the dream but I remember the end ..I was in my car in traffic with my cat..and suddenly she got out…when I caught her, she was scared and hissing but I finally got her and was trying to get to my car.but couldn’t find it, finally I did , it was next to a semi truck , I woke up as I was about to open door
    4th dream, couple of days ago..she was in my bedroom.and threw up twice…I saw red in the vomit and thought it was bed but realized it wasn’t and was relieved I didn’t have to take her to vet….just some background. .I believe it has to do with my ministry, maybe my cat represents it..I’ve been up and down lately in my spiritual walk…your help is greatlly appreciated. .thx

  116. Suresh says:

    Hi sir i saw in my dream i was cleaning one boy’s neck then i saw worm coming from his neck and I started pulling them but there were many worms.I was puzzled what to do.Please help me to know the meaning.God bless you.

  117. Jerwin says:

    This dream is not mine but of a friend. In a dream she was inside a spacious house. She was in a coma while holding hands with her boyfriend. From a distance before them was a dark or black shadow. And around them were people without faces.

  118. Spha Dube says:

    hi Gary, your article is eye opening an I also have been on the internet trying to figure what my dream possibly means and is it from God.

    I am 30 years old and since I was a teenager I have always had a dream where I jump incredibly high and make a perfect landing, it used to scare me at first but now I actually enjoy the feeling of leaping high and almost flying.

    I had the dream again but this time it was a little different, I had a running start and spectators. I ran and jumped high over a mountain and landed on the other side. Normally I would just be jumping and floating over some trees in a park for fun.

    Could these dreams mean something and is it a message from God?

  119. Barbra says:

    Dear Gary,

    A friend of mine has dream t of me twice while at the Altar but can’t find the man. what could this dream possibly mean.

  120. Joe McDaniel says:

    My son was killed this week violently. I dreamed this morning that I put on a white Irish Braided sweater someone gave me and I was outside surrounded by green rolling hills. I followed someone through a door way to my right, but when I went through, I realized I was still outside and surrounded by more hills, but with people moving around. I saw my son close to me and i told him to just give me a hug. He did around my neck. It was beautiful. I felt his hands and they were his. I felt his hair on my face and I was with him there. And then I woke up. I wrote down my dream. Have you ever heard of such a dream?

  121. Joan says:

    Dear Gary
    There are two consecutive dreams that I had. The first one was where I dreamt of a colleague who has passed on about 5 years ago and was a good Christian. We had a good working relationship and respected each other. Never ever exchanged phone numbers. I dreamt I received a call from him on my mobile as his name came up and he said he had come to office to visit me and was sorry he missed me and I said I too really am sorry I missed him then I had disturbance with the mobile and I said I would call back. That was the end of the first dream. I do remember it was a very strange looking mobile it was square I shape and it was a pink and white in colour.
    A day or two later I dreamt of receiving a phone call from my stepmother-in-law who has also passed and was a good Christian lady. This was only voice dream. She asked me how my dad was, and I said he is ok and he had not arrived as yet. Then she said that she had received a call from some one from the airlines saying he was not coming back because he had died. But this did not upset me I do remember that. I do love my dad.
    Now I can tell you in real life my dad has not gone overseas he lives just around the corner to me as a matter of fact we had lunch together with family yesterday. Why should someone call her to pass a message to her concerning my family. My father has only met her a few times.
    Thanks for helping me with this

  122. Nicola Williams says:

    Hi. I had a dream I was meant to write it down now I cannot remember it all. But in the dream I saw several little yellow chickens and they were jumping so high. I just suddenly remembered this dream at evening and sought to get interpretation and came to your page. God bless.

  123. Debbie branker says:

    Hello Gary
    I am reading the bible and I am a believer of God and Jesus Christ. I had a dream last night..of looking at someone in my dream that had beautiful part of the dream.. another part a house was sold which was in disrepair…i had a utility bill I couldn’t pay…a friend of mine was on her way to do something, I was bathing a baby and I was dunking it in the water and had diffuculty bringing the baby up and i heard myself saying to bring the baby up and i did and in turn i slid into the bathtub with the baby and I was showing the baby how to splash the water…..then I saw my mother sitting in a bathtub of milk and an egg was in the bathtub and there were parasites in the water… there was a young man standing in the water ..he was scared so was she… I ran to get some white alcohol to burn the parasites but when. I got back they were so many of them… I asked her to cover her vagina so that they wouldn’t enter her..then I woke up from this nightmare

  124. mercia prins says:

    i had a dream this mornning. i dream i was holding the demon that was lossen to come an destroy our young children .an i ask he communnity to help so we can burn, kill the denom .the comonnity was so slow in acting. i was stil holding the demon .a man appear an he stop as not to kill it .is like the man that appear is also evil.

  125. BKB says:

    One of the best article I’ve read on christian dream interpretation. Whatever points back into God’s word is by the Spirit of grace Himself. God bless you for guiding believers particularly the young ones into discovering the heart of God for themselves based on His word and the guidance of the Holy Spirit through prayer. By this, christians are protected from exposure to lies and deception of satan.

  126. Jennifer says:

    I had a dream that I was spreading the Gospel with King David, but we were both dressed in this erra, and I asked God is David a prophet? and God said no Samuel is a prophet, and I said that’s right I’m sorry God. Then I woke up. I have been asked God and praying about it but haven’t gotten any answers.

  127. Jennifer says:

    I had another dream where me and my dog had jumped on a train, when all of a sudden we decided to jump off, when we jumped I told my dog, and son to watch out for the tire of the train, the tire was huge and was Laid in gold a silver, and sparkling new it was beautiful, then my dog decided to start pulling me, until we came to this convention center, I saw 3 girls I knew in my dream but they wouldn’t even look at me, and God said you will be persecuted like I was, when all of a sudden my dog started pulling me again but I couldn’t hold her and she got away and ran up the stairs through crowds of people knocking them down, when suddenly she hit a boy that hit my son and knocked him over the railing. I ran to my son and asked if he was ok, but he said I think I broke my back, I told him your back is not broken, and a man next to me said the same thing so my son got up and I was thinking I never checked to see if the other boy was ok then I woke up.

    • GaryH says:

      This is a very interesting dream, especially the part where God tells you, you will be persecuted. If that is the case, make sure you are always drawing near to God and to his work so that you can persevere persecution.

  128. Oluseyi says:

    Had a dream that i and some friends wore party cloths and were chatting happily. As we were about to open a door we saw lizards everywhere. I used the door to crush one then i woke up

  129. Xin Hui says:

    Hello, I came across this website while searching for an interpretation for my dream. I dreamt this dream last year. Only after a year, I realise that this might have been God speaking to me through my dreams… In my dream, I was walking on a path with my cousins in a garden. I ran ahead of them and came across a pool or pond. I fell into the pond. Underwater, the pond was beautiful, but very, very deep. I realised that I was drowning and had no way to get to the surface. I forgot the rest of my dream… Is there an interpretation for my dream?

    • GaryH says:

      Hi Xin,
      Not sure about your dream, but sometimes falling into water can spiritually represent falling into the ways of the world. The fact that the pond was beautiful may represent that the ways of the world seem very attractive at first but in the end are very, very deep in sin. Romans 12:2

  130. Amrit Kumar Khadgi says:

    I had dream that pastor came to my home. I was preparing chicken and rice for lunch. And with pastor group of youth also came to my home. youth were helping to wash the clothes and my pastor asked for a chicken meat. I gave him chicken meat and he eat that chicken.

  131. Tricia Merrill says:

    I dreamed about a family I used to go to church with when we lived in the same state. The dream was a strange church, not many in the chapel. The teens would go and repent two at a time in front of a curtain. The pastor handed me a dagger and I looked at the girls father and said what do I do with this? He said don’t worry I will do it. He and another man stabbed the teens in the gut. He told me that if they lived then they had been forgiven. His daughter lived but the other teen died. The police came and they said don’t worry this is a church matter and there will be no problem. WOW is all I can say.

    • GaryH says:

      Tricia, Your dream is very intriguing. I’m not sure of the meaning, but one possibility is contained in Romans chapter 6. Spiritually speaking we must die to sin. the teens may have represented dying to sin as is mentioned in Romans chapter 6.

  132. Kim Dalton says:

    Thank you, Gary for this article. I believe that everything must be interpreted in light of scripture. Thank you for your wisdom. I don’t often remember my dreams, but this morning I wrote down a dream that had last night. My husband is currently working out of state and in my dream, I was visiting the place where he’s staying. It was different in my dream and not at all the reality of where he really stays. There is a lot of symbolism in the dream but I want to focus on the tree. In my dream, there was a broken artificial tree. The branches were huge and thick and the tree looked like it had amazing character and it was actually massive and unique. But it was broken and “busted up” beyond repair. I offered to give it away but it was not salvagable and so me (and a kind stranger in my dream) began to clean up the pieces so we could throw it away. It did not look like any artificial tree I had ever seen. It had no fake leaves but the branches were twisted and gnarled. Although broken, the tree was beautiful and mighty. I’m praying and asking the Lord to confirm what I believe the tree symbolized in my dream. God bless you, brother.

    • Kim Dalton says:

      After praying and looking at pictures of trees, I think it was a Baobab tree. It had to be artificial to be kept inside because those are huge trees. But in my dream – it was broken apart in pieces. The branches were massive and the trunk was big. I’m still praying about understanding the meaning.

  133. Brittany says:

    Hello, I’ve had a reoccurring dream since I was a child. I or someone else would be driving down the road ( when I was a child it was my parents, now as an adult its my husband) and I would tell to them to stop the car, I would rush out to the side of the road and find a crying/ sick baby that I would end up caring for.
    now last night I had a dream I was protecting 3 small children they where siblings 2 boys and 1 girl with bright blue eyes and blonde hair and very light skin. the room we were in was very dark almost pitch black with just very old furniture in the room. in this dream I also became very attached to the children and protective. I have a child of my own but he doesn’t even resemble these kids he has brown hair and eyes with darker complexion.
    I’ve been pretty good at interpreting what I think god is trying to tell me, but when something is so personal sometimes things can get over thought. I would love to hear your thoughts?

  134. Buyi says:

    what does it mean to keep on dreaming about childhood home as if the family has moved back to the home.

  135. Su says:

    I dreamt of being near a property alongside a beach. I saw a pair of shoes. Out of the shoes grew shoots of grass. I then saw myself go inside the property in order to have lunch with two ladies. I saw many poached pears ready to eat. I would love to know what this dream means.

  136. Irene says:

    Hello, I am irene and dreamt I had caught a big shark but it was covered in worms . And immediately i cleaned the worms off and began slicing the shark into pieces. What could this mean please.

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