Chapters of the Bible

Here is a free excel spreadsheet containing all the books and chapters of the bible.

And here’s why I created it:

For several years I was fully convinced that I had read the entire Bible. One day however, I realized that given my habit of reading a chapter here and a chapter there, skipping around from New Testament to Old, I had no real proof that I had, in fact, read the whole bible. There could have easily been some verses, chapters or even an Old Testament book or two that I hadn’t read. I created this spreadsheet and started filling it out each time I finished a chapter.

It has all the books of the Bible listed on the left hand column and each book’s chapter numbers written across the rows. When I read a chapter, I highlight the number in yellow on the spreadsheet. When the whole spreadsheet is highlighted, I know I’ve read the entire Bible. This allows me to skip around in the Bible wherever I want or am lead, and I can keep track of what I have and haven’t read each year.

I also place my starting date at the top which allows me to keep track of how long it takes me to go through the Bible each time.

9 thoughts on “Chapters of the Bible

  1. Wes Saade says:

    Thank you so much Gary for the excel list of the books of the bible. I was needing this list to help me plan my bible reading, and google pulled this blog of yours as one of the top ones… God bless.

  2. Ken Jurgensen says:

    Thank you, Gary. I was googling “custom Bible reading plan” and came across your spreadsheet. My idea is to read one chapter a day, one from Old Test., then one from New Test. the next day, etc. That’s a manageable amount that hopefully keeps me at it. If I want to read more one day, I can. If I miss a day or two, no big deal, I just keep plugging away. I was having trouble when I was switching from one book back to the other, where I left off. This will give me something to keep track. Thanks.

  3. Leigh says:

    Thank you so much! This is exactly what I wanted to create but thought I’d look first to see if I could save some time! You are so kind to make it available to others – May God reveal His glory and kindness and beauty to you as you read His beautiful Word.

  4. Diane Bley says:

    Thank you. I have tweaked this to put the psalms in 5 rows instead of one. I hope this will keep me focused on reading the bible more frequently.

  5. Rietta du Toit says:

    Dear Gary

    Thank you for making this avalible.
    I am going to use it do do some prophetic searches in the bible.
    May you and your family be blessed.
    In the name of Jeshua our saviour.


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