Bible reading vs Bible study – you can do both – Here’s How

Bible reading planBackground:
I dislike reading. It is a struggle for me to make long term commitments to reading an entire book, regardless of whether it’s fiction, non-fiction, the bible or any other book.
It took me over six months to read All Quiet On The Western Front, and several months to read Jurassic Park. I much prefer just watching the movies.

In 2008 I set out to read the entire bible in one year. I finished six years later. One might calculate that length of time and conclude I read x number of verses per day for six years.

But the truth is that on the majority of days I read nothing at all. I would come back to the bible every two or three weeks and read several chapters and then quit again for nearly a month. A total failure in my opinion.

Now, considering that I am 48 years old and my dad died at age 76, I feel as though there is not a lot of time left to study the Bible.

So I contemplated for the past two days, what approach I should take to get the most from my time. I made inquiries online and of course, everyone has an opinion and believes their own opinion is the only correct one.

But after praying about it, I’ve come up with the following idea:

I am 48 years old. If I should live to be 80, I am left with 32 remaining years.
I want to divide those years into even and odd years. The year 2020 being even and 2021 being odd.
If I choose during the even years to read through the entire bible in one year, I could read the entire bible 16 times before I die.

Then in the odd numbered years, take the 66 books of the bible and divide them by 16 years; I could do an in-depth study of 4 books in one year and would have studied the entire bible in depth one time before I die.
(I realize that some books are extremely short, but they could be paired with those books that are extremely long.)

The beauty of this plan is it’s long range vision. I’ve often felt overwhelmed or frustrated by Bible study simply because the Bible is so big. It seems like such a daunting task. But in the light of a 32 year bible study plan, we can take in the entire Bible both through in-depth study of the entire Bible as well as not having to wait the whole 32 years to receive the word of God as a whole.

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