50 Proofs that Marshall Brain is Wrong

Recently I stumbled upon a website written by Marshall Brain called God Is Imaginary. The websites contains what Marshall calls 50 Proofs that God is Imaginary*. Upon browsing the website for just 30 seconds I discovered glaringly obvious errors which Marshall claims are “proofs”.

On another of his websites (How God Works) Marshall claims that he has reached thousands of Christian believers and caused their faith to collapse like a “house of cards” through the use of logic and critical thinking.** I’m writing this article in the hopes that Marshall himself might find this page and read it and that his logic and critical thinking might collapse like a house of cards in the face of faith.

First however, I would like the reader to ponder why it might be that a person would go to such great length to prove a “non-belief”. If, for example, I wanted to prove that Big Foot was real, I would put forth a tremendous amount of research and work to show the animal exists. But on the other hand, if I did not believe that Big Foot was real, why would I spend perhaps hundreds of hours creating multiple websites attempting to prove my non-belief?

I suspect that the culmination of Marshall Brain’s work is merely an effort to reassure himself that “God is Imaginary”. I suspect that Marshall Brain’s inner spirit tugs upon his own conscience. To fight against his own soul’s longing for Christ, Marshall goes to great length and effort to repress it. The enormities of his websites, all of which focus on proving his non-belief, are evidence that there has to be a powerful reason as to why rejecting God is so important to him. Perhaps at some point in his life he tried to believe but then had something bad happened to him and concluded, “if there is a God, why did He let this happen to me? Therefore, there must not be a god.”

Here are 50 proofs that Marshall Brain is wrong

Proof #1

Marshall states that a proof God does not exist is in prayer. He states that if God were real, he should be able to pray for every person who has cancer to instantly be healed. Marshall’s opinion is that if God is real, He would be obligated to instantly obey Marshall’s request and heal every cancer patient in the world.

Let me first state that I, myself, once had cancer and was, in fact healed by God. However, my father died of cancer in November 2014. And we all understand that millions of people die from cancer. Everyone who has ever contracted cancer has probably had people praying for them to be healed. So to understand why death happens, we need only to re-read the book of Genesis. Satan came to kill, steal and destroy. It is because of Satan that death exists in this world. Jesus Christ came to save us from death, which he did on the cross. Now, God has given us eternal life, and this life is in his Son. (1 John 5:11)

To his credit Marshall’s example of praying for everyone to be healed of cancer is certainly a kind, unselfish prayer. But the error in his logic is this, what if, by that prayer, God did in fact choose 1 person, 100 people, 1,000 people, 10,000 people somewhere on planet Earth and heal them from cancer. How would Marshall hear about this? He wouldn’t. How would he ever know if God did answer his prayer? It wouldn’t be on the news tomorrow that a woman in some minuscule village outside of Bogotá Colombia was healed of cancer. Marshall would never hear about it. So how does Marshall know that nothing happened when he prayed? But unfortunately, the fact is that Marshall is correct, nothing happens when he prays because God has said when you ask, you must believe and not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind. That person should not expect to receive anything from the Lord. (James 1:6-7)

Proof #2

Marshall’s second proof is an extension of his first. He claims that God never answers any prayer. But God has answered all of my prayers. So there you have it, I just undid Marshall’s 2nd proof with just 8 words.

Has God answered all of my prayers because I’m someone special? No. Am I somehow a holy self-righteous person? No, actually I’m a terrible person. I’m a sinner and a stumbling hypocrite. But I have faith in Jesus Christ and am filled with His Holy Spirit. It’s for that reason only that I am blessed to have a relationship with Jesus Christ such that he answers all of my prayers.

Mind you, however, sometimes his answer to my prayer is “No”. He has all authority, knowledge and wisdom. So when I pray for something and He tells me “No” that’s an answer to my prayer. Think about your parents. How many times did you ask your parents for something and they answered by saying “No”. That’s just as valid a reply as saying “yes”.

How many times has Jesus Christ said “Yes” to my prayers? Hundreds of times. And I know perhaps 300 people personally who have had some of their prayers answered in the positive as well.

You see, it all boils down to belief. If Marshall approaches God from a position of disbelief, when he prays, absolutely nothing will happen. God said He does not listen to the prayers of those who do not believe.

Proof #3

In his proof #3 Marshall makes a statement which proves the existence of God rather than disproves. He states that “The belief in “god” seems to be ubiquitous through the ages.”* That’s funny because God just happened to say the same thing when He said, God has allotted to each a measure of faith. (link: http://www.desiringgod.org/articles/god-has-allotted-to-each-a-measure-of-faith).

Proof #4

Marshall claims in #4 that science proves God does not exist. But God is the creator of science. Issac Newton discovered gravity but God invented gravity. Thermodynamics were discovered by the physicist Nicolas Léonard Sadi Carnot, but it was God who invented the laws of thermodynamics.

I could write thousands of words on the subject of God & science, but I will instead refer you to the following scientists:

Dr. Marc Surtees – zoology
Dr. Russell Humphreys – physics
Dr. Jason Lisle – astrophysics
Dr. Andrew A. Snelling – geology
Dr. Terry Mortenson – geology
Dr. Robert Carter – marine biology
Dr. Donald DeYoung
Dr. Jerry Bergman
Dr. G Thomas Sharp

(Clearly it will take me a great while to address all 50 proofs. In the mean time, my wife is asking me to do the dishes, so I will add to this article over time.)

* http://godisimaginary.com/
** http://howgodworks.com/about-marshall-brain/

Photo credit: flickr Creative Commons, Jesus by Erokism

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