Creative Writing Club Names

When starting a writing group, one of the first things you’ll need is a name for your group. And being a creative writer, I encourage you to come up with a creative name. However, there are some necessary elements your club name should contain.

Searching the internet means using a search engine. Search engines function by comparing what a person has typed in the search field to what’s available on the internet. So if you type the word puppies, you don’t get results for kittens, you get results related to puppies. Seems obvious, right?

Well the same is true for nearly everything else that’s listed on the internet. If you want your new writing group to ever be found on the internet by people searching for a writing club to join, you’ll have to give some consideration to what you call your group.

People search for local things by using geographic references. In the case of a writing group, they’re going to type something such as:

(Your town) writing group
Creative writing groups in (your town)
(so & so city) writing critique groups
Writing clubs in (county name)

So let’s look at my writing club as a real life example. We meet in Palm Bay, Florida, which is in Brevard County. Because Brevard County is also the home of NASA, it’s frequently referred to as The Space Coast.

People that live in my area search for local businesses, restaurants, service providers, clubs, libraries, etc.., by typing the name of their location plus what they’re looking for. In the case of a writing club, they might search for:

Palm Bay writing groups
Creative writing group in Brevard County
Space Coast Creative writing groups

By adding my location (Palm Bay) to the name of my writing club, they’re able to find us on the internet because the search engine understands where Palm Bay, Florida, is.

The Magical Fantasy Writers of Miami
Greater Los Angeles Writers Society
The Fort Worth National Poetry Slam
Dallas Screenwriting Crew

You can come up with any whimsical catchy writing group names you wish, but add to it a geographical reference.

Photo credit: flickr Creative Commons, How to Search Engine Optimization by SEOPlanter