About Gary

Gary Eugene HowellFor any aspiring fiction writer, the value of joining and attending a writing group, especially one that critiques, is invaluable and necessary for becoming a successfully published author.

My wife and I joined our local writing group years ago and attended regularly every month. After a few years the leader of the group decided to step down and asked us to become the new leaders.

What we quickly discovered was that leading a writing group can sometimes be hard work, especially when I’m so busy with a full time job, part time business and writing a novel. If you run a writers group and are as busy as I am, I hope this website will help you.

I’m Gary Eugene Howell.

I live on the East coast of Florida where nautical history goes back hundreds of years. From pirates to ship wrecks, gold, silver and sunken treasure, the east coast of Florida is full of legendary tales. With such an abundance of nautical history surrounding me, how could I help but to write a few novels about it?

But rather than using this website merely to promote myself and my novel writing, I thought it would be better to help you with your writing. I created this website to help people start and run a writing critique group. Yes, it’s true, I also post nautical themed articles of interest as well as nautical history based on my personal novel research. But for the most part, this website is dedicated to writing group leaders. I know how much participating in my local writing critique group has helped to improve my own writing over the years, so I want to encourage writers to join one, and if you can’t find one, start one yourself.

High Seas Adventure

Photo credit: flickr Creativ Commons, Tall Ships by Anthony Clearn

“There is something in a treasure that fastens upon a man’s mind. He will pray and blaspheme and still persevere, and will curse the day he ever heard of it, and will let his last hour come upon him unawares, still believing that he missed it only by a foot. ~ Joseph Conrad